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National Right to Work Foundation Slams Biden FLRA Move to Restrict Federal Employees’ Right to Stop Union Dues

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Foundation comments expose flimsy statutory foundations of proposed rule, also show it violates federal workers’ First Amendment Janus rights

WASHINGTON, DC – The National Right to Work Foundation just filed comments at the Federal Labor Relations Authority (FLRA), opposing the agency’s plan to restrict federal employees’ right to stop unwanted union financial support for over 99 percent of the year.

Pittsburgh-Area Teen Hits UFCW Union and Giant Eagle with Religious Discrimination and Unfair Labor Practice Charges

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Union sought to interrogate teenage cashier over his religious beliefs after he asserted his rights and presented religious objections to supporting the union

PITTSBURGH – North Huntingdon Giant Eagle employee Josiah Leonatti – a high school student – has filed federal discrimination charges against the United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW) Local 1776KS union.

Foundation Defends Grocery Employees Against Illegal Union Strike Fine Threats

Facing Foundation attorneys, UFCW union officials are dropping illegal fines

DENVER, CO – Grocery store workers at King Soopers are continuing to win their legal battles against United Food and Commercial Workers Local 7 union officials’ illegal attempts to fine workers for exercising their right to work during a January UFCW strike action.