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New Jersey Energy Workers Win Bid to Remove Unwanted Union

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So-called ‘SMART’ Local 137 union officials disclaim representation rather than face a decertification vote of rank-and-file workers.

Calmac Corp employee Carlos Flores and his coworkers have won their effort to free themselves of the Sheet Metal, Air, Rail, and Transportation (“SMART”) Local 137 union. The worker’s decertification effort recently became official when the SMART Local 137 union officials preemptively “disclaimed” interest in representing the Calmac Corp workers, rather than face a vote on whether to remove the union.

Federal Charge: Union Official Threatened Violence Against Concrete Workers Seeking to Vote Out Union

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Delaware GFP Mobile Mix Supply driver attacked for opposing the IUOE Local 542 Union

GFP Mobile Mix employee Tanner Bradigan has filed federal charges against the International Union of Operating Engineers (IUOE) Local 542 after union officials threatened violent retribution against workers who refused to support the union and later led an effort to remove it.

Blockbuster Foundation Case Successfully Ends Discriminatory Film Union Scheme

Faced with prosecution, IATSE union bosses will stop ‘bumping’ non-members off film shoots

NEW YORK, NY – James Harker, a New York-based movie production electrician, has a resume filled with big-name films that take place in the Big Apple, including Elf, Spider-Man 3, Men in Black II, and, recently, Steven Spielberg’s 2021 West Side Story. But, while helping these and many other silver screen stories come to life, he witnessed a much more sinister plot unfolding among his fellow production workers.