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Starbucks Worker’s Brief: Proceed with Vote to Remove Union Opposed by Majority of Workers

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Labor Board asked to reject union-backed move to disenfranchise majority of workers who petitioned for decertification election.

National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation staff attorneys have filed a brief with National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) Region 2 asking the NLRB not to dismiss the worker-led decertification effort.

Foundation Issues Statement on Glacier Northwest SCOTUS Decision

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“Ultimately, this case shows how far courts and lawmakers have to go in order to level the playing field and stop allowing union bosses to play by a different set of rules from those that apply to all other citizens and private entities.”

National Right to Work Foundation Issues Legal Notice to Starbucks Employees as Multiple Locations Seek to Boot Unions

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Notice contains details on how employees can petition for union decertification vote, as well as how to resign membership and cut off dues

WASHINGTON, DC – After being in contact with multiple Starbucks workers, the National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation today issued a special legal notice to Starbucks employees who are interested in removing union control in their workplace.