The National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation’s Freedom of Conscience Project was created to protect employees of faith from having their religious freedoms violated by the injustices of compulsory unionism.

Federal civil rights laws, as well as laws in some states, protect employees from being forced to financially support a union if doing so conflicts with the individual’s sincerely held religious beliefs. However, employees often find that when they attempt to exercise this right, union officials ignore their request or create illegal hurdles before the employee’s “religious objector” status is granted, and their dues are diverted to a mutually agreeable charity. When employees find that union officials have infringed upon this basic right, the Foundation’s Freedom of Conscience Project stands ready to give free legal assistance to victimized workers.

If you are a worker and have had your legal rights violated contact the Foundation using this form or call (800) 336-3600.

Union Dues and Religious Do Nots

Union Dues and Religious Do Nots by Bruce N. Cameron, J.D. In the Foundation’s booklet Union Dues and Religious Do Nots, Foundation Staff Attorney and Director of the Freedom of Conscience Project Bruce N. Cameron gives employees a guide to their legal rights under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, focusing on how to become a “religious objector” to union dues.

If you think you may have a religious objection to paying dues to a union, we highly recommend that you either read the guide online or use this form to request your free hard copy.