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Vol. XIX, No. 6 - November/December 1999

*Foundation Attorneys Sock Teamsters with Racketeering Suit

UPS driver assaulted for supporting his family

*Foundation Attorneys Win EEOC Complaint Against Teamsters

Religious believers object to supporting immoral union activities

*NLRB Attempts to Deceive Court on Critical Workersí Rights Issue

Will Clintonís Labor Board endorse worker firings over union empire building?

*Reed Larson Reviews Foundation Achievements at Hillsdale College

Big Laborís power is blocking the freedom agenda, he declares

*Foundation Attorneys Stop Unionís Lawsuits Against Courthouse Bailiffs

Union bosses leave town after Foundation attorneys file NLRB charges

*Explosive New Book Exposes Teacher Union Bosses

Foundationís heroic work for independent teachers profiled in "Power Grab"

*Hoosier State Victory Voids Forced Union Contract

Foundation attorneys prevent union from collecting forced dues from teachers

*Message from Reed Larson

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