Explosive New Book Exposes Teacher Union Bosses
Foundation’s heroic work for independent teachers profiled in "Power Grab"

November/December 1999 Issue

Springfield, Va. -- In a personal letter to be mailed in November, Reed Larson will offer Foundation supporters an opportunity to obtain a complimentary copy of Power Grab: How the National Education Association is Betraying Our Children.

Power Grab, authored by former high school principal G. Gregory Moo, shows that the NEA’s strategy is to corrupt and subvert local control of education in order to build its power and promote its ultraliberal social agenda -- to the detriment of students’ mastery of academics.

Power Grab reveals how the NEA -- the largest labor union in the nation -- works tirelessly to control schools, teachers, and children. The book also shows that the NEA:

  • is the most violence-affected of all public sector labor unions,
  • uses its power and wealth to control and intimidate teachers who disagree with its ideology and tactics,
  • works to control the ideological content of every child’s curriculum,
  • blocks competition, vouchers, and free-market charter schools, and,
  • lends its considerable financial support almost exclusively to Far Left candidates and ultraliberal political causes.

Most importantly, Power Grab explains that the growing control that NEA union bosses hold comes from their specially granted privileges to compel teachers to pay union dues and submit to forced union "representation."

Teachers are forced to follow a morally bankrupt, ultra-leftwing political organization that does not represent the values of most teachers.

Moo’s book is arguably the most comprehensive and explosive book ever published about the NEA union.

"I urge the Foundation’s supporters to keep their eyes open for the opportunity to obtain their complimentary copy of Power Grab, as it’s a ‘must read,’" said Larson, President of the Foundation.


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