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Vol. XIX, No. 4 - July/August 1999

*Union-Abused Employees Sue Clinton Administration

NLRB receives Al Gorešs "Reinventing Government" award despite abuse

*Union Bosses Use Federal Enclaves to Advance Forced Unionism

Foundation attorneys protect workers in Right to Work states

*Foundation Attorneys Persuade Judge to Block Dues Collection

New legal precedent for California teachers to be expanded statewide, nationwide

*Granite State Teachers Halt Unauthorized Paycheck Deductions

Arrogant NEA bosses claimed theyšre "empowered" to break the law

*Poetic Justice

*Union Steward Threatens to Destroy Radio Produceršs Career

Right to Work attorneys fight to save produceršs job

*PacifiCorp Employees Reject Forced Union Dues

Employee election deauthorizes IBEW union local

*Message from Rex Reed

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