Poetic Justice

July/August 1999 Issue

Dear Mr. Larson,

Two tickled teachers in Washington State
Couldn't be more thankful; we think you're top rate!

For Right to Work has been a dear friend.
You've championed our cause from beginning to end.

Attacked, maligned and frivolously sued,
You came to our rescue when we were abused.

Our rights are intact; the truth has won out.
We'll continue to speak -- of that there's no doubt!

We'll always be joined for a cause that is right.
The battle continues and on we must fight.

God only knows the extent of our gratitude.
Your generous help shows the depth of His plenitude.

Our hearts are with you as colleagues and friends.
You'll remain in our prayers, on that you can depend.

So please enjoy these Washington treats --
A small, humble token from two women who teach.

We are eternally grateful for your generous, sacrificial defense of our rights and freedoms. God bless you all!


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