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NYC University Professors Challenge Forced Union ‘Representation’ in Lawsuit Detailing Union Anti-Semitic Speech and Actions

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CUNY professors challenge New York State law that forces them to be represented by union hierarchy that ostracizes and discriminates against them

NEW YORK, NY – Six City University of New York (CUNY) professors have filed a federal civil rights lawsuit against the Professional Staff Congress (PSC) union and others. The suit challenges the New York State law (“Taylor Law”) that PSC union officials use to force the professors under their monopoly “representation,” even though none of the professors are union members and all wish to dissociate completely from the union due to its extreme ideology and poor representation.

Kansas Blish-Mize Distribution Center Workers Overwhelmingly Vote to Oust Teamsters Union Bosses

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Employees voted nearly 2-1 to remove unwanted Teamsters ‘representation’

ATCHISON, KS – Distribution center workers at Blish-Mize, a wholesale hardware distributor in Atchison, Kansas, voted to remove Teamsters Local 696 union officials from their workplace.

Chicago Area Firefighters Fight for Right to Hold Vote to End Unwanted SEIU Union “Representation”

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Carpentersville firefighters collected enough signatures for election whether to boot SEIU, but union officials are now attempting to block the vote

CHICAGO, IL – With free legal aid from National Right to Work Foundation staff attorneys, Village of Carpentersville firefighters are defending their right to remove unpopular Service Employees International Union (SEIU) officials from power at their workplace.









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