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Sofitel Lafayette Square Employees Have Successfully Obtained Secret Ballot Vote to Remove Unite Here Union from Hotel

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Hotel employees’ petition seeks to challenge union’s installation without a vote through abuse-prone “card check” process

WASHINGTON, DC – After Unite Here union officials imposed union control over hotel employees without a secret ballot vote, workers at Sofitel Washington DC Lafayette Square have successfully obtained an election to remove the union.

CA Fire Safety Inspector Wins Reinstatement, Back Pay After Union-Instigated Firing

IUOE tried to compel union membership, settlement now mandates $9,000+ payout

PLEASANTON, CA – Rather than defend their blatantly illegal actions against Foundation staff attorneys, IUOE union officials backed down in January and settled the Alexandra Le’s case against the union.

Worker Advocate Testifies Before Congress on Need to Defend Employees Against Increasingly Coercive Union Tactics

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Testimony: Biden Labor Board undermining rights of workers opposed to union affiliation, censoring speech critical of unions

WASHINGTON, DC – This morning, National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation Vice President and Legal Director William L. Messenger is testifying before the U.S. House Subcommittee on Health, Employment, Labor and Pensions. The Subcommittee, which is chaired by Rep. Bob Good (R-VA), is holding a hearing titled “Exposing Union Tactics to Undermine Free and Fair Elections”.









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