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Airgas Employees Free from Unwanted Union after Teamsters Flee Workplace to Avoid Vote

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Workers had filed two separate petitions since 2020 seeking to end unpopular Teamster union ‘representation’

VENTURA, CA – Following Airgas USA employee Angel Herrera and his coworkers’ yearlong effort seeking to end the union’s control at their workplace, Teamsters Local 848 officials have filed documents with the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) ending their monopoly bargaining power over all workers at the Airgas Glass Welding and Safety Products facility in Ventura.

Foundation President Touts Worker Freedom in Outlets Across Country on Labor Day 2021

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Every year the National Right to Work Foundation uses Labor Day to remind Americans that celebrating workers must include respecting their individual rights by opposing the injustices of forced unionism. This year, National Right to Work Foundation President Mark Mix’s opinion pieces calling out union coercion and extolling the vital freedoms and opportunity secured by Right to Work reached the public through dozens of outlets.

Worker Freedom Group Defends WV Law Preventing Unconstitutional Union Dues Seizures from Public Workers

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Law protects employees’ First Amendment rights; Kanawha Circuit judge blocked law at union lawyers’ behest

CHARLESTON, WV – Staff attorneys at the National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation, a charitable nonprofit dedicated to protecting workers’ legal rights from compulsory unionism, have just filed an amicus brief defending the legality of a state law that protects the First Amendment right of West Virginia public employees to refrain from funding a union.









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