If you work in a Right to Work state, you have the right not to join and not to financially support unions for any reason, including religious reasons.

In non-Right to Work states, sincere religious objectors may have the right to redirect the entire union fee from the union to a nonunion, nonreligious charity.

If you would like to read a copy of “An Employee’s Guide–To Union Dues and Religious Do Nots,” which describes how to obtain as accommodation of an employee’s religious beliefs against joining or financially supporting a labor union, click here. This guide is copyrighted 1996, National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation, Inc. You may also obtain a copy by calling (800) 336-3600 or sending an email.

To determine whether you have a sincere religious objection to joining or supporting a union, and to understand the steps you must take for accommodation of your religious beliefs in this area, contact Foundation staff attorneys at (800) 336-3600 or by email or click here to fill out a legal aid request form.