______________, 2014
Today’s Date
(Certified Mail – Return Receipt Requested)

Secretary-Treasurer Geoconda Arguello Kline
Culinary Workers Union Local 226
1630 S. Commerce Street
Las Vegas, NV 89102and


Terry Greenwald, Secretary-Treasurer
UniteHere Bartenders Union, Local 165
4825 W. Nevso Drive
Las Vegas, NV 89103


Employer’s Personnel/Payroll/Human Resources Department

Dear Sirs:

I am employed in the Right to Work state of Nevada. Effective immediately, I resign from any membership obligation that I may have entered into with UNITE HERE and any of its affiliates, including Culinary Workers Local 226 and/or Bartenders Local 165.
Since I have now resigned my membership in the unions, I hereby revoke any dues authorization form that I may have signed. You are not authorized to take any union dues or fees from my paycheck, and you must immediately cease enforcing any dues check-off authorization form that I may have signed.
If you refuse to accept this letter as an immediately effective resignation from membership and/or an immediately effective dues check-off revocation, I ask that you promptly inform me, in writing, of exactly what steps I must take to effectuate my resignation and/or dues check-off revocation. More specifically, if you contend that my resignation or revocation is not immediately valid, I ask that you promptly send me a copy of the actual membership or dues deduction authorization form that I signed, and also tell me specifically what steps I must take to revoke the dues check-off authorization and resign my membership in the unions.

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