In September 2023, United Auto Workers (UAW) top boss Shawn Fain ordered a strike against all of the “Big Three” American car manufacturers for the first time in history.

The command created vast uncertainty for thousands of autoworkers across the country. The National Right to Work Foundation issued a legal notice as the strike began, informing workers of their rights to end their union memberships and return to work to support themselves and their families.

Right to Work experts also appeared on television shows across the country to explain these rights, and to remind Americans that UAW bosses’ agendas frequently don’t align with workers’ interests, as evidenced by the federal corruption scandal that has already resulted in the convictions of 11 UAW officials, including two former union presidents.

Watch Foundation Experts Break Down the UAW Strike:

Mark Mix on OANN “Tipping Point” with Kara McKinney, September 22, 2023

Mark Mix on Newsmax TV “The Chris Salcedo Show,” September 22, 2023

Mark Mix on NTD “Good Morning,” September 15, 2023

The article above is adapted from the National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation’s bi-monthly Foundation Action Newsletter, November/December 2023 edition. To view other editions of Foundation Action or to sign up for a free subscription, click here.

Posted on Mar 21, 2024 in Newsletter Articles