This notice is for individuals who wish to resign their membership in Teamsters Local 385 and end payment of union dues.

The International Brotherhood of Teamsters, Local 385 makes it extremely difficult for members to resign their union memberships and end the forced payment of union dues. Almost a year ago, in March 2017, a federal National Labor Relations Board Administrative Law Judge held that the union engaged in unfair labor practices by preventing several Disney World employees from stopping the automatic deduction of union dues from their paychecks after they resigned from the union. The union has appealed this holding, and there is no evidence to suggest that the union has changed its practices.

If you want to resign from the union and stop union dues from being deducted from your wages, you will need to send a letter to the Secretary-Treasurer of the union stating your intentions. You may find a sample resignation and dues deduction revocation letter here. You should sign and date your letter, make a copy for yourself, and send the letter to both the union AND Disney World by certified mail.

If the union does not respond within two (2) weeks of the date of your letter, or rejects your dues deduction revocation because you sent it during the wrong time period, contact a National Right to Work Foundation staff attorney toll free at 1-800-336-3600, or via e-mail or by clicking here.

Simply sending a resignation and dues deduction revocation letter may not be sufficient to immediately stop dues deductions from your wages. Currently, the law allows the union to restrict your revocation to a small window period during a certain time of the year. These restrictions vary from person to person and depend on the actual language of the dues deduction authorization card that you signed. That should not deter you from sending in a dues deduction revocation should you wish to do so, however, because the language in the sample letter asks the union to provide you with the checkoff card that you signed. Furthermore, depending on the actual language of your dues deduction authorization, you may have legal arguments as to why the union cannot restrict the time during which you can stop dues deductions from your wages.

If you want to learn more about your legal rights, go to the Foundation’s “Know Your Rights” page or contact a National Right to Work Foundation staff attorney toll free at 1-800-336-3600, or via email or by clicking here.

For over four decades, the National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation has worked in the courts and administrative agencies, including the NLRB, to expand and protect the rights of individual employees to choose to refrain from union representation and membership. It is the nation’s premier organization exclusively dedicated to providing free legal assistance to employee victims of forced unionism abuse. The Foundation takes no position about how you should exercise your right to join or refrain from joining a union. The Foundation simply wants all employees to be able to make that choice knowingly in an atmosphere free of restraint, threats, and coercion.