27 Feb 2009

Right to Work On CNN: Obama Executive Orders Funnel Taxpayer Dollars into Union Bosses’ Pockets

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Foundation VP Stefan Gleason appeared on CNN Wednesday with Lou Dobbs as part of a piece on the Obama Administration’s new Project Labor Agreement Executive Order, which discriminates against the vast majority of construction workers who have not chosen to unionize. The executive order is likely to result in hundreds of millions of dollars in new forced union dues, while jacking up the costs shouldered by taxpayers. Check it out:

Dobbs sums it up nicely at the end when he observes that “this is a massive windfall for organized labor.”

18 Dec 2008

Fox News: Foundation President Mark Mix On Solis’ Selection for Secretary of Labor

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Right to Work President Mark Mix discusses Obama’s upcoming appointment of forced unionism activist Hilda Solis as Secretary of Labor with Neil Cavuto of Fox News:

For more on Solis, here’s some background on her career and political views.

15 Oct 2007

Mark Mix on Fox and Friends

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Right to Work President Mark Mix made a national TV appearance on "Fox and Friends" on the Fox News Channel last week. He discussed the so-called "Public Safety Employer-Employee Cooperation Act" with Congressman Joe Sestak (D-PA).

10 Sep 2007

Talking Economics on CNBC’s Power Lunch

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Speaking of the economic benefits of Right to Work, here’s another recent national television appearance by Mark Mix on CNBC’s "Power Lunch" discussing that very topic.

3 Sep 2007

Catch Mix on Cavuto

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Right to Work President Mark Mix is scheduled to make a national TV appearance on "Your World W/Neil Cavuto" on the Fox News Channel shortly after 4:00 Eastern today. He will be discussing union political involvement and the abuses many workers aided by National Right to Work face at the hands of union officials. UPDATE: Watch Mark’s appearance below, note that no union official came forward to defend denying America’s workers a true choice.