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Sample WEA Challenge Form Letter

 Full Name:     ____________________________________ Home Address:    ____________________________________ City, State, Zipcode:  ____________________________________ Home phone:     ____________________________________ School district:    ____________________________________ School phone:    ____________________________________ Type of Position:	  ____________________________________(K-12 teacher, college faculty, etc) Amount Employed:	  ____________________________________ (Part, Full, Sub) Local association:   ____________________________________ Date:      ____________________________________(must be postmarked by November 8, 2002)

Armand H. Tiberio, Executive Director
Washington Education Association
P.O. Box 9100
Federal Way, WA 98003-9100

         RE: 2004/05 NEA/WEA/UniServ Council/Local Association Agency Fee Challenge

Dear WEA:

As a nonmember of the NEA/WEA/UniServ Council/local association paying agency fees, I object to the use of my agency fees by all levels of the NEA/WEA/UniServ Council/localFold up here. association for nonchargeable activities AND challenge the unions’ calculation of the amounts that are chargeable and nonchargeable, and the unions’ characterization of items as chargeable or nonchargeable (option 3).

Please provide proof that all of my fees will remain in a third-party escrow account until my challenge is fully resolved. I expect to receive my rebate check within 30 days.



         Milton Chappell
         National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation
         8001 Braddock Road, Suite 600
         Springfield, Virginia 22160

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