Message from Reed Larson
National Right to Work
Legal Defense Foundation

July/August 2000 Issue

Dear Foundation Supporter:

     There are some cases you never forget.

     The case of Bromley v. Michigan Education Association (MEA) is definitely one of those cases for me.

     Maybe itís the memory of the MEA union bosses sending a federal process server to my office to deliver a subpoena demanding the names of Foundation donors.

     I knew that I might end up in jail for defying the unionís subpoena. (You and I faced that threat years earlier in the biggest multi-union lawsuit in history.) But I was prepared to face that rather than betray the trust and privacy of loyal Foundation supporters.

     You stood with me in that crisis, and a federal judge ultimately dismissed the unionís transparent attempt to intimidate and destroy your Foundation.

     Now Foundation attorneys have fought back and won a great victory for the teachers, setting important new precedents along the way, as we report on page 5.

     They have forced union officials -- kicking and screaming the whole way -- to return $150,000 in extorted union dues to Michigan teachers. And weíve forced them to disclose their activities more fully in the future.

     We stood firm, and we won. As you and I know, the union bosses never willingly give up their illegal forced-dues privilege.

     The Bromley case therefore reminds us of a lesson we should always bear in mind: Perseverance is the key to victory.

Reed Larson

Foundation Action

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