Sample Letter for Michigan Private Sector Employees 

[NOTE: It is recommended that you send this letter to both the union and your employer by certified mail, return receipt.]


[insert Name of appropriate union officer]
[insert Name of union]
[insert Address of union]

Dear [insert Name of appropriate union officer]:

I am employed by [Name of employer] in the Right to Work state of Michigan. I write to notify you that I do not want to be a member of the union. If your records indicate that I am currently a union member, I hereby resign my membership in the union and all of its affiliates effective immediately.

I also notify you that I want to pay only those union dues and fees that I can be lawfully compelled to pay as a condition of my employment under Michigan law, and nothing more.

Thus, if I can currently be lawfully compelled to pay union fees as a condition of my employment, I hereby object to the collection and expenditure by the union of any fee used for political, ideological, organizing, or other nonchargeable purposes, as is my right under CWA v. Beck, 487 U.S. 735 (1988) and Chicago Teachers Union v. Hudson, 475 U.S. 292 (1986). This objection is permanent and continuing in nature. I also revoke any dues deduction authorization that I may have signed that authorizes the deduction of full union dues from my paycheck, and authorize only the deduction of reduced service fees.

If and when I cannot lawfully be compelled to pay any union dues and fees as a condition of my employment under Michigan law, I no longer want to pay any dues or fees to the union. As of that date, I revoke any dues deduction authorization that I may have signed, and no longer authorize the deduction of any union dues or fees from my paycheck.

If you refuse to accept this letter as an effective resignation, objection and/or revocation, please inform me promptly, in writing, of your reasons for so doing. In addition, if you contend that I must meet a “window period” in order to revoke my dues check-off authorization, I ask that you promptly send me a copy of the actual dues deduction authorization form that I signed, and also tell me specifically what “window period” dates I must meet in order to revoke the dues check-off authorization.


[insert your Name]
[insert your Mailing address]

cc: [Insert name and mailing address of employer]

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