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Update: On 2/12/2016 West Virginia became the 26th state to pass a Right to Work law. That law has not yet gone into effect. For more information, please read our special legal notice on West Virginia Right to Work.

A Right to Work law secures the right of employees to decide for themselves whether or not to join or financially support a union. However, employees who work in the railway or airline industries are not protected by a Right to Work law, and employees who work on a federal enclave may not be. Moreover, a Right to Work law does not prohibit limitations on when a dues deduction authorization card can be revoked. Workers should carefully read the fine print before signing such a card.


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(Links are to the current active Right to Work provisions in state law. For a timeline of when state Right to Work laws were originally adopted click here.)

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NOTE: State laws are in a constant state of flux. Before relying on the text of any state Right to Work statute, you should check the most recent edition of your state laws.

If you do not work in a Right to Work state, click here to learn about your legal rights.

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