New Obama Executive Order to Squander Billions of Taxpayer Dollars, Blackball Non-Union Workers 

On the heals of last week's executive orders that began the process of turning the Department of Labor into an aggressive union organizing outfit, another Executive Order encourages federal agencies to discriminate against nonunion workers and employers by adopting so-called "Project Labor Agreements" on federal construction projects. 

Vice President of the National Right to Work Foundation Stefan Gleason issued the following statement regarding the Executive Order:

"This executive order encouraging all federal agencies to adopt discriminatory, union-only project labor agreements is a shameless giveaway to Big Labor which spent over a billion dollars to get Obama and pro-forced-unionism Democrats elected last year.

"The order ensures that union bosses will collect a huge slice of federal spending in the form of forced union dues paid by workers on federal contracts. With nearly a trillion dollar "stimulus" spending planned, this action not only raises the costs shouldered by the American taxpayers, but it also discriminates against the 92.5 percent of private sector employees who have chosen not to unionize."

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