Worker Advocate: Obama NLRB Nominee "Extreme Threat" to Employee Freedom 

In recent weeks, President Barack Obama nominated AFL-CIO and SEIU union lawyer Craig Becker to the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB), the quasi-judicial agency that administers federal labor law. Some of the Board's most important functions include overseeing the secret ballot elections in union certification drives and resolving unfair labor practices committed by union organizers.

But Becker's employment history and published writings indicate his extreme hostility to both the secret ballot and true employee free choice. As a member of the NLRB, Becker would likely rubber stamp the most abusive forced unionism schemes cooked up by union militants to compel independent-minded American workers to accept their "representation" and pay dues.

In this special video report hosted at the National Right to Work Committee's website, Committee President Mark Mix analyzes Becker's extreme views.  Becker:

  • Supports "home visits," in which union goons repeatedly harass workers at home until they sign union authorization cards (see here for an example of this intimidating practice)
  • Advocates letting government arbiters impose contracts on workers and employers on workers, without even allowing the workers to vote on the contract (a practice which even Far Left icon George McGovern opposes)
  • Believes employers should be absolutely prohibited from sharing any truthful and noncoercive information with employees about the effects of unionization
  • Illogically and radically compares union certification elections to US Congressional elections, stating that the only question decided in such elections should be which union gets monopoly control over workers, not whether they wish to remain independent and union free.

Watch the full video below to learn more.

For more on Becker's nomination and radical forced unionism views, read this Wall Street Journal editorial. To download the National Right to Work Committee's Becker Alert, click here.

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