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[Send by Certified Mail, Return Receipt Requested]

[UNION Official (President or Secretary-treasurer, for example)]

[You may want to send copies to officials of both the local union (if known) and the International Union]

Dear Sir:

I write to inform you that I do not want to be “represented” by your union, do not wish to be a member of your union, and do not support your union in any manner. Please consider my opposition to representation by your union to be permanent and continuing in nature.

I hereby revoke and rescind any union “authorization” card, or any other indication of support for your union, that I may have signed in the past. Any such card or indication of support for your union is null and void, effective immediately.

Please return to me any union authorization card that I may have signed. Alternatively, please inform me in writing that you are honoring this revocation and rescission of support for your union.

Please be aware that refusing to honor my revocation and rescission will violate my rights under the National Labor Relations Act. Moreover, representing to my employer (or any third party or “arbitrator”) that I support representation by your union will similarly violate my legal rights.






cc: [COMPANY OFFICIAL, such as Head of HR Department, by hand delivery or regular mail]