MNA Division of Membership
340 Turnpike Street
Canton, MA 02021

To whom it may concern:

I am employed by Tenet Healthcare at Saint Vincent Hospital in Worcester, MA. If your records show me to be a member of MNA and its affiliates, I resign that membership effective immediately. I have learned that federal law allows me to refrain from joining the union or paying full dues as a condition of my employment.  I also understand the union has no power to fine or discipline nonmembers who cross a picket line and continue to work at their jobs during any strike the union orders.

As a nonmember, I owe no dues during periods when there is a contract hiatus and no enforceable  clause requiring union membership or payment of union dues exists. As I understand there is no current contract in place between MNA and Saint Vincent Hospital, I hereby revoke any dues authorization card I may have signed, and I ask that no further dues come out of my salary at this time. (If you contend I cannot revoke my checkoff at this time, please send me a copy of any membership or checkoff documents I signed and explain in writing why you will not accept my revocation now, and when you would accept such revocation).

Additionally, if there is a valid compulsory union fee clause in effect, I am hereby invoking my rights under the Supreme Court’s decision in Communications Workers v. Beck, 487 U.S. 735 (1988). I object to financially supporting the political and non-representational activities of MNA and all of its affiliates. I wish to reduce any dues I am forced to pay so that I am only paying my pro rata share of the unions’ costs of collective bargaining, contract administration, and grievance adjustment with my employer. I object to exactions for any other purpose. If MNA gets a compulsory union fee clause in the future, please reduce any fee amounts that you claim that I owe, and please send me audited financial disclosure to justify reduced fee calculations for your local union and for all levels of the MNA hierarchy.

Finally, please consider this objection to be permanent and continuing in nature, unless and until I inform you otherwise.

Sincerely yours,




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cc: Tenet/Saint Vincent Hospital HR/Payroll Department (via US Mail or intra-office delivery)