Click here to order your FREE copy!In Stranglehold, Reed Larson reveals the astonishing story of how organized labor has acquired incredible, hidden power over local, state, and national government in America.

The results of this power grab include:

  • Higher taxes on businesses and families

  • Bloated bureaucracies increasingly obstructing the everyday lives
    of Americans and job-producing businesses

  • Control of our schools by radical union chiefs rather than parents, taxpayers, and classroom teachers.

An explosion in union power over the past several decades has shackled almost 45 percent of all government workers into involuntary servitude to union officials. All of these employees are forced to accept union "representation," and at least half are forced to pay dues to keep their jobs. The cash is then dumped into the political campaigns of Big Labor’s favorite politicians.

With millions of public employees–and thus, vital government services–beholden to union officials’ self-serving demands, Americans have lost control of their government.

Every citizen should know the shocking facts revealed in Stranglehold and learn how to take back our government–from city hall all the way to Washington, D.C.

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