Message from Reed Larson
National Right to Work
Legal Defense Foundation

September/October Issue

Dear Foundation Supporter:

     Do you ever wonder what union bosses would do if they seized total political power?

     It’s a bipartisan lovefest.

     Politicos of both major parties are falling over themselves to curry favor with Big Labor’s top bosses.

     At one of the major party conventions this summer, the hottest reception of the week honored Teamsters Boss James R. Hoffa ... as he was praised for bringing “honor and decency to the Teamsters.”

     This is the same James R. Hoffa who oversees the union linked to at least 48 shootings during its strike against Overnite Transportation Company (reminiscent of the earlier assaults on UPS drivers like Rod Carter, who was stabbed by Teamsters thugs). But no one brought up this gruesome fact as the cocktails were passed.

     Does “honor and decency” for the Teamsters union mean keeping the shootings below 100 per strike?

     The other major party didn’t acquit itself any better. Boss Hoffa was at that convention, too – along with AFL-CIO czar John Sweeney, who announced menacingly, “We must dominate this convention, and then we must dominate the elections.”

     Big Labor is mounting its most expensive campaign ever to ensure victory for its handpicked candidates – all of it funded with illegally seized forced dues.

     That makes your continued support of the Foundation’s program more vital than ever. When workers courageously refuse to support union-boss politics, your Foundation is the indispensable lifeline.

     I hope you’ll stand with me as the battle grows more intense in the crucial days ahead.

Reed Larson

Foundation Action

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