Right to Work Uses Internet to Boost Public Outreach
Web site becomes integral part of Foundation's legal aid program

September/October 1999 Issue

SPRINGFIELD, Va. - The National Right to Work Foundation has stepped up the battle to free workers from the shackles of compulsory unionism abuses by using the Internet.

Employees terrorized by rampant union violence and corruption are turning to the Internet in unprecedented numbers to find help. Time and time again, the Foundation's World Wide Web site - www.nrtw.org - saves the day.

"The Internet has enabled the Foundation to take its legal information program to the next level," said Stefan Gleason, Vice President of the Foundation.

Employees learn how to take on the union bosses

The core of the Foundation's web site is the "About Your Legal Rights" section. The 70-page interactive question-and-answer section acts as a comprehensive instruction manual, walking visitors step-by-step through the process of protecting their rights. The web site allows Foundation attorneys to work even more efficiently because technology-savvy clients are better informed when they contact the Foundation for free legal aid.

The Foundation's online issue briefing library continues to grow. A recent addition is the "De-authorization Election" page. This detailed guide written by Foundation attorneys arms employees of American businesses with knowledge about how to strip union bosses of their power to force workers to pay any dues.

The "Cases and Law" section summarizes each important compulsory unionism case won by - or related to - the Foundation, and it makes available the complete text of the decision. Visitors from Right to Work states can view the full text of their state's Right to Work law.

Web page design is "user friendly"

During the summer, the Foundation redesigned the "home page" (the opening page) of its web site, making it even easier for users to navigate. The updated layout effectively highlights important information without confusing or overwhelming users. Foundation staff have made other improvements, such as the addition of a map of Right to Work states.

"So powerful is this new tool that more than half of the employees now contacting the Foundation have first found us through the Internet," said Gleason. "Countless employees (and even journalists) have lauded the web site as a 'Godsend.'"

In order to allow supporters, journalists, and members of the public to stay abreast of the newsworthy developments in the Foundation's legal aid program, the web site now allows individuals to subscribe to the Foundation's electronic mail news service.

Internet giant lauds Foundation web site

The Foundation's web site has been recognized for superior style and content. For example, Lycos - a premier Internet review service - selected the Foundation to receive the most prestigious "Top 5% of the Web" award.

Using the leverage of this amazing modern technology, the Foundation is determined to employ new technology whenever possible to spread the Right to Work message.


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