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Recent news reports detail that Teamsters union bosses in California and Oregon have launched an aggressive “corporate campaign” against Amy’s Kitchen, and a simultaneous “card check” organizing campaign directed against Amy’s Kitchen workers, designed to deprive workers of a secret ballot election and force them into union ranks. In response to these reports and inquiries from individual Amy’s Kitchen workers who have been targeted by the Teamsters campaign, the National Right to Work Foundation is issuing this special legal notice for all workers affected by these Teamsters actions.

The Teamsters campaign raises serious concerns for workers who believe there is much to lose from being forced into union representation and paying compulsory dues to the Teamsters in order to keep their jobs. That is why workers confronted with such aggressive organizing campaigns frequently contact the Foundation to learn how they can protect themselves from union boss pressure and coercive tactics.

Media reports also indicate that the Teamsters have organized a consumer boycott of the products these workers produce for Amy’s Kitchen, thus threatening the livelihoods of the very workers the Teamsters claim to want to “represent.”

The Foundation wants Amy’s Kitchen workers to know several things:

  1. Workers do not have to sign any cards in favor of the Teamsters. Despite the often-misleading statements of union bosses, no employee is required to sign any union authorization cards — which the union will count as a “vote” in favor of unionization. If the Teamsters get a majority of workers to sign these authorization cards, it is likely the union will tell Amy’s Kitchen and the federal Labor Board that the union should be anointed as all employees’ exclusive bargaining representative,” with no need for a secret ballot election.

  2. Workers can rescind and revoke any cards they may have signed in support of the Teamsters.

  3. It is unlawful for Teamsters bosses to threaten or coerce employees to get them to sign union cards. Employees have the legal right to say no to union organizers and be free from harassment and threats.

  4. Workers have the legal right to sign petitions against union representation, which will lessen the ability of the Teamsters and the federal Labor Board to demand that Amy’s Kitchen accept the union without a secret ballot election.

  5. See this link for more detailed information about “card check” unionization drives: National Right to Work Foundation What are my rights if the union is conducting a “Card Check” organizing drive at my workplace?¿Cuáles son mis derechos si el sindicato está llevando a cabo una campaña para organizar sindicato de “Verificación de Tarjetas” – National Right to Work Foundation (

For five decades, the National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation has worked in the courts to expand and protect the rights of individual employees in such situations. It is the nation’s premier organization exclusively dedicated to providing free legal assistance to employee victims of forced unionism abuse.

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