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12-20-07Laidlaw Transit Busing Employees Vote to Kick Out A Union that Won’t Go Away
12-11-07Floridian Spurs Elimination of National Union Policy Requiring Annual Objections to Forced Dues for Politics
11-20-07Worker Advocate Praises U.S. Supreme Court Review of Ninth Circuit Ruling Endorsing Coercive Union Organizing
11-02-07Transit Union Slapped With Federal Labor Charges for Muscling Back into a Facility After Employees’ Revolt Forced it Out
10-31-07Union Officials at Pomona Valley Hospital Illegally Threaten Non-striking Nurses with Arrest, Jail, and Fines
10-29-07Hanson Trucking Driver Hits Butte-Based Teamsters Union with Federal Charges for Illegal Threats to Job
10-17-07National Right to Work Foundation Adds Experienced Virginia Attorney to Expert Legal Staff
10-11-07Hollywood Union Hit with Federal Charge After Union Officials Threaten Musicians With Arrests
10-10-07Safeway Employees Win Settlement Against Union After Illegal Threats and Dues Seizures
10-02-07National Right to Work Secures New Rights for Employees to Protect Against Abusive Union “Card Check” Organizing
10-02-07Federal Labor Board to Prosecute Union for Requiring Annual Objections to Forced Union Dues for Politics
09-19-07Court Permission Sought to Alert More Than 12,000 Workers that Union Organizers Illegally Obtained Personal DMV Records
09-11-07Federal Labor Board: Employees Need Not Object Twice to Obtain Detail of How Union Officials Spend Forced Dues
09-05-07Federal Labor Board to Prosecute Union for Retaliatory Fines Against Five Former Landover Giant Foods Employees
09-05-07Another Corpus Christi Security Guard Files Charges After Illegal ‘Pay Union Dues or Be Fired’ Threat
08-31-07Leading Union Watchdogs Available for Interviews On and Around Labor Day 2007
08-31-07National Worker Advocate’s Labor Day Statement:“Union Officials Owe Workers an Apology”
08-29-07Foundation Vice President Stefan Gleason Reacts to Federal Election Commission Fine Against America Coming Together
08-20-07Goodyear Employees Win Settlement Against Steelworkers Union for Illegal Retaliatory Strike Fines and Intimidation
08-14-07Island View Casino Employees Seek Federal Injunction to Block Coercive “Card Check” Unionization Drive
08-14-07Teamsters Union Must Abandon Over $100,000 in Illegal Fines Levied Against Workers During California Grocery Strike
08-08-07Foundation Forces Union Officials to Abandon Their Illegal Scheme to Coerce Engineers into Union Ranks
08-07-0716 Year-Old Girl Hits Union Officials with Federal Charges After Illegal Threats Against Her Albertsons Job
08-06-07Federal Board to Prosecute Butte-Based Union for Illegal Threats and Dues Seizures at Local Safeway
08-01-07Security Guard Forces Employer to Settle After Unlawfully Threatening Firings for Refusal to Pay Union Dues
07-24-07Federal Labor Board Rejects Colt Firearms Worker’s Request to Decide Four Year-Old Case
07-24-07Employee Rights Group Reacts to Attorney General Abbott’s Long-sought Legal Action to Enforce Texas’ Right to Work Law
07-09-07Staunch Employee Opposition Forces Union out of Multiple Kaiser Permanente Facilities Across Southern California
07-09-07Federal Labor Board to Prosecute Union for Threatening to Have Security Guards Fired for Refusal to Pay Union Dues
07-03-07Treasure Island Foods Employees Vote to Kick Unpopular Union Out of All Six Chicago-Area Stores
06-28-07Employee Rights Group Wins Security Guard’s Reinstatement After Year-Long Suspension for Refusal to Pay Union Dues
06-28-07Federal Judge Tosses Out Union Lawyers’ Frivolous Suit to Block SFO Security Screeners’ Election to Rid Workplace of Forced Unio
06-22-07Court Strikes Down Ohio Law Forcing Public Employees to Pay Union Dues Unless They Join Certain Religions
06-21-07Employee Rights Advocate Urges Attorney General to Prosecute Pattern of Apparent Union Fraud and Violations of Texas Right to Wo
06-20-07Education Week Covers Foundation's Supreme Court Case
06-18-07Federal Labor Board Finds Union Officials Guilty of Forcing Firing of Security Guard Who Didn’t Pay Dues
06-14-07U.S. Supreme Court Rules in National Right to Work Foundation’s Case: Union Officials Have No Constitutional Right to Spend Empl
06-13-07Study: A Decade of Experience Independently Confirming “Paycheck Protection” Campaign Finance Regulation is Both Bad Policy and
06-06-07Federal Court Enjoins Illegal Union Dues Seizures from Pennsylvania Turnpike Employees
06-05-07Steelworkers Union Faces Prosecution for Illegal Retaliatory Strike Fines And Intimidation of Goodyear Employees
06-01-07SEIU Union Lawyers File Desperate Federal Lawsuit to Block SFO Screeners’ Election to Rid Workplace of Forced Union Dues
05-30-07Over 300 Treasure Island Foods Employees Finally Allowed a Vote on Ousting Unpopular Union
05-29-07Foundation Letter to the Wall Street Journal: State's 'Paycheck Protection' Law Is Flawed
05-14-07Over 900 SFO Airport Security Screeners to Vote Whether to Eliminate Compulsory Union Dues from Workplace
05-10-0713 Former Giant Foods Employees Hit Union with Federal Charges for Unlawful Retaliatory Fines
05-09-07ESPN/ABC Cameraman Challenges Pervasive Entertainment Industry Practice of Illegally Forcing Daily-Hires into Union Ranks
05-03-07Federal Labor Board to Prosecute Union for Illegal Firing of Catholic University Grounds Keeper
05-02-07Acura Employees Hit Union with Federal Charges for Threatening Firings for Refusal to Pay Fines
05-01-07Hilton Employee Hits Recalcitrant Union with Federal Charges for Continued Misuse of Forced Union Dues
04-25-07Safeway Employee Hits Butte-Based UFCW Union with Federal Charges for Illegal Threats and Dues Seizures
04-24-07SEIU Union Must Abandon “Card Check” Union Organizing Drives in Pacific Northwest After Finding of Rampant Abuse of Employees’ R
04-05-07Union Officials Forced to Drop $5,000 Retaliatory Fines Against Employees Doing Nonunion Work
04-03-07Security Guard Hits Union with Federal Charges for Threatening Jobs for Refraining from Union Membership
03-30-07Federal Labor Board Asked to Block Trump Plaza Election, Ethics Investigation Sought into Rep. Andrews’ Tampering with Union Vot
03-30-07Statement on Congressman Andrews' Interference in Trump Plaza Hotel Union Election
03-26-07Machinist Union Hit with Multiple Federal Charges for Retaliating Against Employees Who Inquired about their Rights
03-22-0726 Turnpike Employees Hit Teamsters Union with Two Civil Rights Lawsuits for Illegal Union Dues Seizures
02-21-07Atlanta Construction Workers Hit Union with Federal Charges After Being Slapped with $5,000 Retaliatory Fines for Nonunion Work
02-21-07Ryerson Employees Force Teamsters Union to Back Off Unlawful Retaliatory Strike Fines of Up to $1,000 per Worker
02-21-07California Labor Board Orders UFW to Stop Trying to Get Workers Fired for Refusal to Pay Full Union Dues
02-08-07Union-Abused Employees Give Testimony to Congress Against Coercive “Card Check” Organizing Scheme
02-06-07Federal Labor Board to Prosecute UAW Union for Bullying Nurses Seeking to Vote Out Unwanted Union
02-05-07Federal Labor Board to Prosecute Union for Retaliation Against Security Guard for Asserting Legal Rights
01-31-07Colt Firearms Worker Asks Court to Order Federal Labor Board to Decide Another Long-Delayed Case
01-30-07Bush Labor Board Boosts Union “Corporate Campaigns,” Whitewashes Clinton-era Policy Favoring Firings of Workers Who Won’t Pay fo
01-22-07Federal Court Orders Bush’s Labor Board to Resolve Key Employee Rights Case Delayed Since 1989
01-22-07Teacher Challenges Constitutionality of Ohio Law Forcing Public Employees to Pay Union Dues Unless Members of State-Approved Rel
01-17-07SEIU and ResCare Health Giant Face Second Round of Federal Charges for Illegally Forcing Unionization on Workers throughout West
01-17-07ESPN/ABC Cameraman Challenges Pervasive Entertainment Industry Practice of Forcing Union Membership on Part-Time and Freelance C
01-10-07Legal Foundation for Petitioners in First Amendment Battle Comment on Today’s Supreme Court Oral Argument
01-10-07Legal Counsel for Petitioners in First Amendment Battle Comment on Supreme Court Oral Argument
01-08-07Supreme Court Media Availability: Lead Plaintiff and Legal Counsel to Appear After Argument in Key First Amendment Battle
01-03-07Media Advisory: Lead Plaintiff and Legal Foundation in Upcoming Supreme Court First Amendment Battle Available for Interviews

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