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2000 News Releases

12/21/00 Seattle, WA Boeing Engineer Hits Engineering Union with Federal Charges
12/19/00 Ellensburg, WA UPS Worker Hits Teamsters Union with Federal Charges
11/28/00 Pomona, CA Wiccan Files Religious Discrimination Suit Against California Faculty Association Union
11/28/00 Alexandria, VA Federal Court Strikes Down Machinist Union’s Nationwide Employee Harassment Scheme
11/16/00 Athens, WI Workers Slap Teamsters Union With New Federal Charges for Hiding Political Spending
11/13/00 Elizabethtown, KY Union Forces Firing of Kroger Employee for Objecting to Union Political Spending
11/02/00 New Wilmington, PA Workers Sue Local Teamsters Union for Hiding Political Spending
10/31/00 Janesville, WI Workers Sue Local Teamsters Union for Hiding Political Spending
10/18/00 Alexandria, VA 1000 Airline Employees Join Nationwide Lawsuit Against Machinist Union
10/04/00 Cleveland, OH Largest Teacher Union To Be Prosecuted For National Policy of Religious Discrimination
09/27/00 San Juan Pueblo, NM U.S. Appellate Court Upholds Indian Tribe’s Right to Work Law
09/25/00 Eatontown, NJ Union Officials Post Confidential Information on Bulletin Board to Intimidate Postal Workers
09/18/00 Charlotte, NC Court Holds USAir and Union Liable For Firing Workers Refusing to Fund Union Electioneering
09/07/00 Chicago, IL Appellate Court Overturns Forced Union Dues Scheme Used by Powerful Illinois Unions
08/21/00 Anchorage, AK Laborers Union to be Prosecuted for Violating Nurses’ Rights
08/16/00 Los Angeles, CA Worker Rights Advocate: Union Speeches at Democrat National Convention Reek of Hypocrisy
08/15/00 Los Angeles, CA University of California Employees File Civil Rights Lawsuit against Governor Gray Davis
08/09/00 Springfield, VA Legal Foundation to Assist Non-Striking Verizon Employees Targeted by Union Violence
08/08/00 San Francisco, CA Federal Judge Blocks CTA Union and School Districts From Seizing Dues From Teachers
07/31/00 Winchester, VA Court Clears Path for Trial in Gruesome Union Violence Suit
07/31/00 Los Angeles, CA Janitors Slap Union with Federal Charges
07/17/00 Sacramento, CA 14,000 CSU Professors Join Statewide Forced Unionism Challenge
06/29/00 Philadelphia, PA Worker Rights Advocate Demands Apology from AFL-CIO’s John Sweeney
06/26/00 New York, NY Secretive union officials refuse to provide employee with accounting of vast union political expenditures
06/22/00 Glen Ridge, NJ Union-abused Michigan Workers File Federal Charges
06/22/00 Grand Rapids, MI Security Firm Socked with Federal Charges
06/13/00 Las Vegas, NV Employees File Unfair Labor Practice Charges Against MGM Grand Hotel & Casino
05/24/00 Commerce City, CO Union Officials Threaten to Get UPS Employee Fired From Job
05/17/00 Corvallis, OR Albertson’s Rehires Employee Fired for Exercising his Right not to Join a Union
05/15/00 Bay City, MI Mammoth Michigan Union Forced to Return $150,000 in Union Dues to 450 Teachers
05/08/00 Carson City, NV Nevada Supreme Court Overturns Union Monopoly Privilege Over State Workforce
04/28/00 Edinburgh, IN Union Demands Firing of Lear Employee Resulting from His Deeply Held Religious Beliefs
04/20/00 San Francisco, CA Court Allows 1500 State Health Employees to Join Forced Unionism Lawsuit
04/10/00 Fresno, CA Riverbank Teachers Sue Local Union Officials and School Board for Illegally Seizing Dues
04/05/00 Corvallis, OR Union Illegally Forces Firing of Albertson’s Employee, Federal Suit Filed
03/21/00 Anchorage, AK Anchorage Nurses File Federal Charges Against Local Union over Illegal Threats
03/06/00 Sacramento, CA Court Allows 10,000 CSU Employees to Join Statewide Forced Unionism Challenge
03/06/00 San Francisco, CA Teachers File Federal Lawsuit Against Teacher Union and School Districts Statewide
03/01/00 Sacramento, CA California Union Bosses Today Seize $3.7 Million from University Employees
02/24/00 Anchorage, AK Anchorage Hospital Employees File Federal Charges Against Laborers’ Union over Illegal Threats
02/24/00 Sacramento, CA CSU Faculty File Suit Against California’s New Higher-Education Forced-Unionism Law
02/16/00 Sacramento, CA CSU Employees Vow Appeal While Statewide Forced-Union-Dues Suit Moves Forward
02/01/00 Alexandria, VA United Airlines Employees Sue Union for Violating Their Free Speech Rights
01/18/00 San Fransisco, CA San Francisco Firefighters Sue Willie Brown and Union Officials for Illegally Seizing Dues
01/18/00 Sacramento, CA CSU Employees Challenge Constitutionality of New State Compulsory Unionism Law
01/18/00 Washington, DC U.S. Supreme Court Overturns Ruling Which Blocks Employee Challenges to Union Political Spending
01/14/00 Albuquerque, NM Albuquerque City Employees Sue Union for Illegally Seizing Dues

1999 News Releases

12/20/99 Sacramento, CA Largest State Employee Union Enjoined by Court Order from Collecting Compulsory Union Dues
12/08/99 Seattle, WA Union Threatens To Get Seattle-Area Health Care Workers Fired For Refusing to Pay for Union Politics
11/23/99 Hazleton, PA Former Union Local President Beats Union in Federal Suit
11/15/99 Cleveland, OH Newspaper Union Officials Stripped of Forced Unionism Power Over Workers
11/02/99 Sacramento, CA State Employees Sue Davis Administration and Largest State Union for Illegally Seizing Dues
10/12/99 Los Angeles, CA Worker Rights Advocate Blasts AFL-CIO Brass for Hypocrisy
10/11/99 Springfield, VA National Group To Provide Free Legal Aid to Workers Reclaiming Forced Union Dues Spent On AFL-CIO’s Political Campaign
10/07/99 Washington, DC NLRB Rules That American Employees Should Be Fired for Not Paying For Union Organizing Drives
10/04/99 Seattle, WA Foundation Quashes Nationwide Machinists Union Scheme to Force Workers to Pay For Politics
09/22/99 Cincinnati, OH Cincinnati Teamsters Union to be Prosecuted for Reneging on Settlement Agreement with Pepsi-Cola Workers
09/15/99 Washington, DC NLRB Forced to Pay $10,000 for Stonewalling a Worker’s Union-Dues-for-Politics Case
09/01/99 Miami, FL UPS Employee Files Civil Conspiracy Lawsuit After Stabbing by Teamsters Union Assailants
08/02/99 Charlotte, NC Airplane Mechanics Sue US Air and Union For Firing Workers For Not Funding Union Politics
07/23/99 Hayward, CA Hayward Employees File Federal Civil Rights Lawsuit Against Park District
07/23/99 Washington, DC Appellate Court Orders Federal Labor Board to Explain Extraordinary Delay in Case Issuance
07/20/99 Washington, DC Internal Clinton Administration Documents Prove Overt Bias at Federal Labor Agency
07/16/99 Boston, MA Supreme Court Orders Massachusetts Teacher Union Locals to Cease Collection of Forced Dues
07/14/99 San Diego, CA Governor And Union Agree to Fire State Employees Who Refuse to Fund Ballot Initiatives
07/01/99 Oklahoma City, OK Clinton/Gore NLRB Sued a Third Time In A Month for Delays in Forced Union Dues Cases
06/22/99 Washington, DC AFL-CIO’s “Seven Days in June” Campaign Reeks of Hypocrisy
06/17/99 Washington, DC Clinton/Gore NLRB Sued a Second Time This Month for Delays in Forced Union Dues Cases
06/10/99 Philadelphia, PA Firefighter Union Officials Barred by Court Order From Collecting Forced Dues
06/03/99 Washington, DC 2 Employees Sue Clinton/Gore NLRB for 6-Year Delay in Forced Union Dues Case
05/25/99 Washington, DC AFTRA Steward Threatens NPR Producer with “Blacklisting” For Filing Charges Against Union
05/20/99 Portland, OR PacifiCorp Employees Reject Forced Union Dues
05/13/99 Washington, DC Communications Workers Nationwide Win Right to Reclaim Millions in Illegally Seized Union Dues
04/26/99 Olympia, WA WEA Union Drops Vindictive Lawsuit Against Teacher Support Group
04/26/99 San Francisco, CA Federal Judge Rules That Unions and School Districts Are Violating Teachers’ Constitutional Rights
04/01/99 Columbus, OH Columbus-Area Union Officials to be Prosecuted For Fining Worker $32,500
03/19/99 Springfield, IL Employees Sue Union Officials in Forced-Dues Scam
03/10/99 Los Angeles, CA KABC-TV Employees File Charges Against Union for Discrimination
03/02/99 Merced, CA Union-Abused Workers Sock Teamsters with Federal Charges
02/12/99 Columbus, OH Union Illegally Fines Worker $32,500
02/10/99 Harrisburg, PA Teamsters Cave on Eve of Hearing Concerning Abuses During Teamsters/UPS Strike
02/2/99 Washington, DC Union-Abused Employee Appeals NLRB Ruling Which ‘Subverts the Principles of Beck
01/29/99 Washington, DC Clinton’s NLRB Rules to Conceal from Workers True Use of Compulsory Union Dues
01/26/99 Akron, OH Beacon Journal Worker Seeks Federal Injunction Against Teamsters, Paper

1998 News Releases

12/30/98 Tulsa,OK Union to be Prosecuted in AFL-CIO Dues Extortion Scheme
12/22/98 Norfolk, VA Siemens, Machinists Union Chiefs Retreat on Illicit ‘Membership’ Scam
12/7/98 Chicago, IL Chicago Area Teamsters Union Agrees to Stop Punishing Workers with Illegal Strike Fines
12/3/98 San Juan Pueblo, NM U.S. District Court Upholds Tribe’s Right to Work Law
12/2/98 Anchorage, AK Hundreds of Teachers Join Suit Against Union Hierarchy
12/2/98 Waukesha, WI Local Teamsters Union Slapped With Second Round of Federal Labor Charges
11/23/98 Chicago, IL Chicago Union Hit Big for Back Pay
11/16/98 Washington, DC Internal NLRB Documents Reveal Bias
11/04/98 Washington, DC Big Labor Hijacks Congressional Elections
11/03/98 Washington,DC Supreme Court Green-lights Union Deception of Workers
11/02/98 Pigeon, MI All Union Abused Steelworkers Eligible for Full Refund of Union Dues
10/23/98 Seattle, WA WEA Dues Rebates Increase by 50%
10/21/98 Springfield, VA New Budget “Deal” Makes $60 Million Payoff to Teacher Union Chiefs
10/8/98 Berkeley, CA Kaiser Employee Files Unfair Labor Practice Charges Against Union
10/8/98 Seattle, WA Union Dues Settlement Reaches 9,000 Teachers Statewide
10/5/98 Washington, DC U.S. Supreme Court Weighs Key Union-Dues-for-Politics Case
10/2/98 Orlando, FL Lucent Workers Charge Union With Unfair Labor Practices
10/1/98 Washington, DC Communications Workers Nationwide May Reclaim Tens of Millions in Illegally Seized Union Dues
9/28/98 Rapid City, SD Teamsters Officials Crumble Under Mounting Legal Pressure
9/18/98 Dallas, TX High Court Showdown Likely on ‘Illegitimate’ Union Political Collection Schemes
8/13/98 Homer, AK Federal Labor Charges: Longshoremen and Employers Run “Bubba” Shop
8/12/98 Newport News, VA Worker Slaps Machinists Union With Federal Labor Charges
8/10/98 Washington, DC Court of Appeals Torches Clinton NLRB for Stripping Worker Rights
8/6/98 Seattle, WA Seattle Union Officials to Face Trial for Illegally Deducting Dues for Politics
8/4/98 Washington, DC Clinton Administration Attempts to Block Supreme Court Hearing Which Could Strengthen Workers’ Rights
7/31/98 Washington, DC Teamsters Nationwide March Tramples UPS Employee Rights
7/30/98 Albuquerque, NM Teamsters Officials Crumble on Eve of First National NLRB Hearing on Teamsters Strike Against UPS
7/28/98 Orlando, FL Teamsters Officials Crumble in the Wake of Mounting Foundation Legal Pressure
7/24/98 Tamaqua, PA National Postal Union Nailed with NLRB Complaint for Unfair Labor Practices
7/17/98 Sioux Falls, SD UPS Worker Charges Teamsters Union With Unfair Labor Practices
7/8/98 Washington, DC NLRB Chairman Resigns After Stonewalling Workers’ Rights for Four Years
7/2/98 Bakersfield, CA NLRB Charges Bakersfield Teamsters Officials With Federal Unfair Labor Practices
7/2/98 Chambersburg, PA Teamsters Union Slapped with Federal Labor Complaint
7/2/98 Washington, DC Employee Files Suit Against Clinton NLRB for ‘Unconscionable’ 6-Year Delay in Beck Case
6/2/98 Harrington, DE Teamsters Slapped with Federal Labor Complaint
5/26/98 Washington, DC Supreme Court Grants Workers Unrestricted Right to Challenge Union Stonewalling in Federal Court
5/11/98 Louisville, KY Teamsters Chiefs Cave in Under NLRB Settlement
5/5/98 Anchorage, AK Educators File Federal Class-Action Lawsuit Against Professors Union
5/5/98 Grand Rapids, MI UPS Workers Charge Teamsters Union With Unfair Labor Practices
5/1/98 Harrisburg, PA Teamsters Slapped with Federal Labor Complaint
4/22/98 Chicago, IL UPS Workers Charge Teamsters Union With Unfair Labor Practices
4/22/98 Kalamazoo, MI Teamsters Crumble In First NLRB Settlement From Teamsters Strike on UPS
4/22/98 Chicago, IL UPS Workers Charge Teamsters Union With Unfair Labor Practices
4/2/98 Houston, TX UPS, Teamsters Collude in Forced-dues Ripoff Scheme
3/23/98 Washington, D.C. Supreme Court Hears Case That Endangers Big Labor’s Political Spending Plans
3/12/98 Chambersburg, PA Pennsylvania’s UPS Workers Swamp Teamsters Chiefs With More Federal Charges
3/11/98 San Diego, CA City, Teamsters Illegally Collude to Hold Public Workers Hostage
2/25/98 San Francisco, CA UPS Worker Fined $10,000 by Teamsters Officials for Speaking to CNN News Crew
2/24/98 Olympia, WA WEA Union Bullies, Harasses Educators With “Infringement” Suit
2/12/98 Bay City, MI Hundreds Join Suit Against NEA/MEA
2/18/98 Selinsgrove, PA Teamsters, Philips Illegally Colluded to Force Union Membership
2/10/98 Spokane, WA UPS Workers Charge Teamsters Chiefs With Unfair Labor Practices
2/6/98 Washington, D.C. Employees Urge U.S. Supreme Court to Allow Unrestricted Access to Union Books
2/4/98 Roanoke, VA EEOC Suit: Union, Alliant Violated Baptist Worker’s Civil Rights
2/3/98 Washington, D.C. ALPA Union Lawyer to NLRB: “Stay Out of Our Supreme Court Case”
1/23/98 Bakersfield, CA EEOC: Teamsters Chiefs Persecute Religious UPS Workers
1/13/98 Oklahoma City, OK UPS Workers Charge Teamsters Chiefs With Unfair Labor Practices
1/9/98 Philadelphia, PA UPS Workers Charge Teamsters Chiefs With Unfair Labor Practices
1/9/98 Kalamazoo, MI Employee Files Federal Lawsuit Against SEIU Union Affiliate, School District
1/9/98 Washington, D.C. Organized Labor Urges U.S. Supreme Court to Keep Union Books Closed
1/6/98 Bakersfield, CA UPS Workers Charge Teamsters Chiefs With Unfair Labor Practices
1/6/98 Washington, DC NEA Union Climbs On in Upcoming Supreme Court Case on Forced Union Dues
1/5/98 Washington, DC AFL-CIO Piles On in Upcoming Supreme Court Case on Forced Union Dues

1997 News Releases

12/12/97 Anchorage, AK Appeals Court Blasts Union-fee "Arbitration"
12/8/97 San Diego, CA Federal Lawsuit Settlement: Teacher Union Can’t Force Membership
12/5/97 San Francisco, CA Teachers File Federal Lawsuit Against CTA Union Affiliates, School Districts
12/3/97 Denver, CO UPS Workers Hit Teamsters with Federal Charges
12/2/97 Springfield, VA Right to Work Foundation Adds Another Civil Rights Attorney to Expert Legal Staff
11/26/97 San Francisco, CA Arbitrator Rubber Stamps CTA Union’s Political Dues Disclosure
11/21/97 Harrisburg, PA Teacher Union Settles Lawsuit to Avoid Exposing Political Spending Operation
11/17/97 Baltimore, MD New Teamsters Pact With UPS Challenged as Illegal
10/14/97 Newport News, VA Right to Work Attorneys Halt Assault on Va. Right to Work Law
9/24/97 San Diego, CA California Teacher Union Officials to Stop Holding Teachers Hostage
9/15/97 Springfield, VA Right to Work Leader to State Labor Officials: Enforce the Law
9/12/97 Napa, CA Workers Sue Union for Illegal Forced-dues Collection
9/10/97 Cincinnati, OH U.S. Court of Appeals Dumps NLRB Decision — Voids Union Officials’ Scheme to Trick Workers
8/27/97 Washington, D.C. Teamsters Pension Fund Cut Off Sick Child’s Health Care
8/20/97 Chambersburg, PA Union Violates Law in Compulsory Dues Rip-off Scheme
8/14/97 Washington, D.C. International, Local Teamsters Unions Charged With Lies, Threats Against UPS Workers
8/14/97 Washington, D.C. Teamsters International Union Served With Federal Labor Charge
8/12/97 Springfield, VA Hundreds of UPS Workers Contact RTW Foundation About Rights
7/31/97 Cleveland, OH Federal Lawsuit: Union Bosses "Railroad" Employee Rights
7/30/97 Washington, DC New Research Exposes AAA’s Big-Labor Bias
7/30/97 Charlotte, NC Bell South Illegally Forces Workers to Wear Union "Logo" or be Fired
7/11/97 Hartford, CT Union Chiefs Illegally Forced Worker’s Firing
7/3/97 Oakland, CA Foundation Attorneys Win "Justice for Janitors"
7/2/97 Youngstown, OH Union Officials Work "Overtime" to Elude Financial Disclosure
6/25/97 Miami, FL U.S. Customs Worker "Scorned" from Women’s Conference
6/11/97 Washington, DC Court Upholds Decision Slamming Union "Arbitrations"
6/9/97 Philadelphia, PA Big Labor to Workers-"Pay for Politics or Be Fired"
6/4/97 Cleveland, OH Newspaper Union Loses Last-Ditch Bid to Block Employee Election
6/3/97 Washington, DC 7.8 Million Workers May Be Forced to Pay for International Union Activities
5/22/97 Phoenix, AZ All-Out Statewide "Organizing" Blitz May Jeopardize Workers’ Rights, Safety
5/16/97 Denver, CO Illegally Fired Pilot Seeks More Than $500,000 From Union
5/15/97 Seattle, WA Thousands Join Suit Against NEA/WEA
5/14/97 Las Vegas, NV Attorney General Undermines Nevada’s Popular Right to Work Law
5/14/97 Fallon, NV Employer Drops Illegal Attempt to Force Workers to Join Union
4/21/97 Springfield, VA Right to Work Announces Addition of Attorney to Legal Staff
4/14/97 Norfolk, VA Teamster Officials Abuse UPS Employees With Illegal Coercion, Threats
4/4/97 Indianapolis, IN Labor Judge May Force Union to Return Illegally Seized Dues to Thousands of Employees
3/25/97 Cleveland, OH Newspaper Union Officials Coerce and Harass Employees
3/21/97 Harrisburg, PA State Teacher Union Must Prove Cost Of Collective Bargaining To Federal Court
3/17/97 Augusta, GA Veteran Worker Fired for Exercising Right to Work
3/14/97 Washington, DC Employees Cannot Be Forced Into Union "Arbitrations"
3/11/97 Anchorage, AL Court Declares Forced Union Dues Collections Illegal
2/24/97 Washington, DC Labor Agency Forces Workers To Pay For Organized Labor’s Politics
1/22/97 Fort Wayne, IN Court Abolishes ISTA/NEA Union Contract
1/16/97 Harrisburg, PA Court Orders NEA Books Opened to Investigation
1/16/97 Baltimore, MD Union Seized A Quarter Million Dollars
1/7/97 Indio, CA Union Illegally Doubled Workers’ Dues

1996 News Releases

12/30/96 Detroit, MI Union Militants Terrorize Workers
12/20/96 Oakland, CA Union Officials Play Scrooge
12/10/96 Hartford, CT Union Chiefs Illegally Forced Worker Firing
11/22/96 Spring Hill, TN UAW Union Officials Coerce Workers
11/14/96 San Diego, CA Union Officials Force Teachers To Pay For Politics Until 1998/99 School Year
11/14/96 Anchorage, AK Court Bars Union From Seizing Political Dues
11/7/96 Springfield, VA Big Labor Hijacks Clinton Presidency
10/29/96 Anchorage, AK Union Officials Threaten Workers’ Jobs
10/10/96 Seattle, WA Washington Teachers Sue National Education Association (NEA)
10/9/96 Augusta, GA Workers Oppose AFL-CIO’s $35 Million Electioneering
10/2/96 Peoria, IL Court Upholds Teen’s Suit Against Union
8/20/96 Washington, D.C. Federal Judge Forces Union to Honor Worker’s Constitutional Rights
7/31/96 Washington, D.C. Right to Work Foundation Exposes American Federation of Teachers (AFT) Abuses
7/15/96 Winchester, VA Severed Cow’s Head Dumped on Car in Strike-Related Violence
7/8/96 Chambersburg, PA Nurse’s Charges Expose Union Fraud
7/2/96 Los Angeles, CA County Withheld Dues in Violation of Constitution
7/2/96 Harrisburg, PA Pennsylvania Teachers’ Union Withheld Dues in Violation of Constitution
6/28/96 Washington, D.C. Right to Work Foundation Exposes National Education Association (NEA) Abuses
5/24/96 Fort Gordon, GA Despite Right to Work Law, Georgia Workers Forced to Pay
5/20/96 Peoria, IL Grocery Union Chiefs Threatened Teen with Firing
5/15/96 Olympia, WA Charges Expose Union Scheme Against New Employees