Granite State Teachers Halt Unauthorized Paycheck Deductions
Arrogant NEA bosses claimed they're "empowered" to break the law

July/August 1999 Issue

CONCORD, N.H. -- Foundation attorneys have shut down an illegal scam run by New Hampshire union bosses to swipe money from teachers.

The New Hampshire branch of the National Education Association (NEA-NH) claimed that the union's statutory monopoly bargaining power allowed union officials to override a requirement that they get an individual teacher's authorization before deducting forced dues from that teacher's paycheck.

Specifically, they claimed that they are "empowered" to ignore the state's authorization requirement because of their anointed role as the "exclusive representative" of all employees. But persuasive legal arguments by Foundation attorneys, who are providing free legal aid to the teachers, convinced the New Hampshire Superior Court that, despite this twisted logic, union officials may not make unauthorized deductions from paychecks.

"In their arrogance, union bosses think they are 'empowered' to strip employees of their individual liberty," said Reed Larson, President of the Foundation. "If it were not for the Foundation, union officials would trample all over good teachers."

Foundation attorneys are pushing forward to have the illegally seized money returned to the teachers. However, NEA-NH officials are now threatening the teachers with lawsuits in an attempt to keep as much of the illegally seized cash as possible.

With the continued vigilance of the Foundation's generous supporters, New Hampshire citizens may someday witness the restoration of individual liberty commemorated by the state's motto, "Live free or die."


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