Foundation Launches National Media Campaign
Campaign season offers opportunity to expose forced-dues electioneering

July/August 2000 Issue

SPRINGFIELD, Va. -- The Foundationís Legal Information Department is launching an extensive radio, television, and newspaper campaign this summer to focus national media attention on Big Laborís use of forced union dues for politics during the 2000 elections.

ďWe will focus the white-hot glare of media attention on the true source of Big Laborís political power,Ē said Foundation Director of Legal Information Randy Wanke.

Big Laborís political spending to break all records

During the last election, Big Labor spent an estimated $500 million to elect politicians who can be counted on to support the union bossesí far-left agenda. Most of that money was collected from more than 12 million American employees who are forced to pay union dues as a condition of employment.

During this election, however, the AFL-CIO brass have raised the stakes. Top union operatives are publicly bragging about their intention to double previous expenditures for an all-out partisan political assault. According to the Daily Labor Report, AFL-CIO czar John Sweeney boasted that his organization will conduct ďthe broadest and most intensive program we have ever conductedĒ on behalf of Big Labor-endorsed candidates. Big Laborís cash will be plowed into political organizing and district-by-district mobilization as well as high-profile television and radio attack ads.

Campaign to raise national media awareness

As a part of the Foundationís media campaign, Foundation Vice President Stefan Gleason and Director of Legal Information Randy Wanke will appear on national radio talk shows during both the Republican and Democrat national conventions this summer to blow the lid off Big Laborís political schemes.

The Legal Information Department will also provide the nationís newspapers as well as television and radio stations with information about workers who have been victimized by Big Laborís reign of terror.


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