Message from Reed Larson
National Right to Work
Legal Defense Foundation

November/December 1999 Issue

Dear Foundation Supporter:

     You and I are smashing the dam of National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) delay.

     Thankfully, the combined pressure of Foundation-assisted lawsuits against the Board and an aggressive public information campaign has led to growing scrutiny of the recalcitrant NLRB by the media, the courts, and influential decisionmakers.

     And in recent months, your Foundation has forced Bill Clinton’s NLRB to rule on employees’ Beck cases that have languished within its bureaucracy for years.

     But the Board’s long-delayed action did not come soon enough for Frank Toth, who passed away two years before the NLRB decided his case last summer against United Auto Workers (UAW) union officials. Then the NLRB had the gall to uphold the union bosses’ devious technique used to shield the disclosure of how forced union dues are spent by local union affiliates.

     Never mind that its ruling contradicted several appellate court rulings.

     Never mind that it took more than 10 years to issue a final decision in the case.

     Fortunately, since the NLRB has ruled on these long-delayed cases, Foundation attorneys are able to take the battle into a legitimate forum, the U.S. Courts of Appeals. Only there do these union-abused employees have a prayer of getting a fair hearing.

     I sincerely thank you for your support in this fight against Bill Clinton’s scofflaw NLRB. Working together, you and I are exposing this wholly owned subsidiary of Big Labor.

Reed Larson

Foundation Action

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