National Right to Work Foundation Launches Official Facebook Group 

The National Right to Work Foundation has launched its official group. The group will help virally spread information about the Right to Work movement while keeping supporters up-to-date on the Foundation's latest news and views. The latest press releases, blog posts, and YouTube videos can be found on the Facebook group’s profile page, while the discussion board allows group members talk about current issues relating to compulsory unionism.

The group has already garnered the support of over 80 members in just a few days and the Foundation will randomly select ten of the first 200 group members to receive a free book -- either “Power Grab: How the National Education Association is Betraying Our Children” by G. Gregory Moo or “Free Choice for Workers: A History of the Right to Work Movement” by George C. Leef.

The Foundation’s Facebook group can be found by the group name “National Right to Work”, under the group categories Organizations – Non-Profit Organizations, or here.

Join the National Right to Work Foundation’s Facebook group today for your chance to win a copy of “Power Grab” or “Free Choice for Workers”!  Also, tell your friends!

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