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12-31-12Local Cold Storage Warehouse Worker Files Federal Charge against Company for Discrimination
12-19-12Two El Paso Hospitals Face Federal Prosecution for Violating Nurses' Rights
12-19-12Arizona Fry's Workers File Brief Challenging Obama NLRB "Recess Appointments"
12-13-12Foundation Announces Special Task Force to Defend New Michigan Right to Work Law in Court
12-11-12Teamster Bosses Face Charges for Obstructing Worker’s Effort to Remove Unwanted Union
12-03-12Ready-Mix Concrete Worker Wins Settlement from Local Teamster Union
12-03-12Public Defender Wins Settlement from Government Union Officials over Illegal Forced Dues
11-29-12CVS Worker Files Federal Lawsuit Against Local Union
11-29-12Ford Repairman’s Charge Spurs Federal Prosecution of Local Teamsters Union
11-06-12Caterpillar Workers File Federal Charges Against Machinist Union in Wake of Summer Strike
10-25-12School Bus Drivers Slam the Brakes on Teamster Union Rights Violations
10-24-12Worker Forces Elevator Union Bosses to Settle Federal Charge and Drop Retaliatory $20,000 Fine
10-24-12Employees Continue to Defend Indiana’s New Right to Work Law against Spurious Union Legal Challenge
10-17-12Rhode Island School of Design Technician Combats Illegal Union Boss Intimidation and Threats
10-16-12NLRB Subpoenas Foundation Attorney Assisting Latino Express Workers Who Wish to Oust Unwanted Union
10-10-12West Boca Medical Center Nurses Challenge Corrupt Agreement between SEIU and Hospital
10-05-12Longmont Police Officers Hit Police Union, Longmont City Officials with Federal Civil Rights Lawsuit
10-03-12Providence Memorial Nurses Challenge Corrupt Agreement between California Union and Hospital
10-02-12Restaurant Union Bosses Served Federal Charges
10-01-12Workers Challenge Obama Labor Board Recess Appointments in Federal Appeals Court
10-01-12U.S. Supreme Court Fails to Correct Dangerous Union Exemption from State Identity Theft Laws
09-25-12Mickey Mouse Union Faces Federal Charges for Illegally Threatening Workers’ Jobs
09-21-12Teacher Files State Complaints After Union Bosses Violate Act 10, U.S. Constitution
09-14-12Worker’s Federal Charge Forces Union Officials to Halt Intimidation Tactics
09-10-12California Nurse Union Booted Out of McAllen, TX Hospital
09-10-12Nurses Challenging Forced Unionization Deal by Union Organizers and Company Management
09-06-12SEIU Officials Face State Prosecution for Violating Pharmacist’s Rights
08-31-12Labor Day Statement: “Union Officials Are Mounting A Billion Dollar Campaign to Reelect President Barack Obama”
08-21-12South Carolina Boeing Employees Appeal Federal Machinist Union Discrimination Case
08-17-12Mechanic Challenges Obama Recess Appointments in Federal Court
08-16-12Ford Technician Appeals Case in Which Teamster Bosses Illegally Funnel Worker’s Dues into PAC
08-15-12Ready-Mix Concrete Worker Seeks to Break Free of Teamster Union Dues Scheme
08-14-12Wisconsin Civil Servants Defend Governor’s Public-Sector Unionism Reforms in Federal Court
08-13-12Worker Advocate Challenges Obama Recess Appointments in Federal Court
08-06-12Foundation Submits Comments Highlighting Difficulty of Ejecting Unwanted Unions in Rail and Air Industries
08-03-12Federal Settlement Will Force SEIU to Leave Local Hospital Workers Alone
08-02-12State Trooper Files Charge Against Connecticut State Police Union
08-01-12Union Bosses Illegally Demand Macy’s Restaurant Employee Pay Nearly $1,000 in Dues or Be Fired
07-30-12Workers Challenge Obama NLRB "Recess Appointments" in Federal Appeals Court
07-26-12Local Scofflaw Teamster Union Bosses Violate Federal Settlement, Worker’s Rights
07-25-12Worker Advocate Testifies Before Congress Regarding Obama Big Labor Paybacks
07-24-12Worker Advocate Asks Federal Labor Board to Uphold Precedent Disallowing Forced Unionization of Grad Students
07-19-12AT&T Workers Petition U.S. Supreme Court to Overturn Union Exemption from Identity Theft Laws
07-19-12Worker Slaps Construction Union Bosses with Federal Charge for Job Discrimination
07-17-12First Indiana Worker Invokes New Right to Work Law to Cut Off Dues to Teamster Union Bosses
07-11-12Worker Advocate Asks Federal Labor Board to Uphold Precedent Disallowing Forced Unionization of Professors
07-11-12Pro-Right to Work Employees File Formal Comments with Indiana Department of Labor
07-10-12SEIU Officials Face Charge for Violating State Pharmacist’s Rights
07-06-12Tenth Circuit Slaps Teamster Union With Sanctions
07-06-12School Bus Drivers Slam the Brakes on Shoddy Federal Settlement in Teamster Union Disclosure Case
07-03-12Union Bosses Forced to Settle Federal Charges After Illegally Levying Retaliatory $7,300 Strike Fine Against Worker
06-27-12Worker Advocate Files Amicus Brief in Support of Idaho Ban on Discriminatory Project Labor Agreements
06-27-12Federal Agency to Prosecute SEIU and Local Hospital for Rigging Union Card Check ‘Vote’
06-26-12Government Union Officials Sic Collection Agency on Unsuspecting Public Defender for Illegal Forced Dues
06-21-12Supreme Court Strikes Down SEIU Scheme to Force CA Nonunion State Employees to Fund Union Politics
06-20-12LA Times Printers Win NLRB Settlement against Scofflaw Teamster Union Officials
06-19-12Union Officials Face Lawsuit for Keeping Teacher’s Charitable Donations in Union Coffers
06-11-12Union Officials at Central Michigan University Face State Prosecution for Illegal Dues Seizures
06-11-12Teamster Union Faces Federal Charge For Illegally Using Forced Dues for Politics
06-08-12Nonunion Nurses Win Settlement with Washington State Nurses Association for Repeated Rights Violations
06-06-12Wisconsin Civil Servants File Federal Appeals Brief Supporting Governor’s Public-Sector Unionism Reforms
06-05-12Local Bus Driver Moves to Disqualify Phony Obama ‘Recess Appointees’ from Federal Case
05-21-12Union Bosses Set Forest Fire Captain’s Religious Rights Ablaze
05-18-12Security Guards Hit SEIU Local with Federal Charges
05-16-12Union Official Threatens to Have Security Guard Fired Over Disagreement about Workplace Policy
05-16-12Hotel Employee Files another Round of Federal Charges against Scofflaw Union
05-16-12National Workplace Advocacy Group Launches Charter School Initiative
05-14-12Court Strikes Down Obama Labor Board’s Ambush Election Rule Change
05-14-12Verizon Employee Wins Settlement After CWA Union and Company Officials Collude to Ignore Her Rights
05-09-12Union Bosses Levy Retaliatory Strike Fine Against Worker After Telling Him to Continue Working During Strike
05-07-12Indiana Workers File Brief in Support of State’s New Right to Work Law
05-03-12U.S. Appeals Court Rejects Obama Administration Stance in Case Challenging Backroom Union Deals
05-01-12Civil Servants Appeal Wisconsin Public-Sector Unionism Case to Federal Appeals Court
04-27-12Hotel Union Faces Federal Charges for Forcing Nonmember Employees to Fund Lobbying, Strikes
04-26-12Latino Express Bus Drivers Tell Teamster Union Bosses to Hit the Road
04-26-12Obama’s Controversial NLRB ‘Recess’ Appointments Challenged in Federal Appeals Court
04-26-12Worker Advocate Announces New Addition to Legal Team
04-24-12Unionized Probation Officers Win Refunds in Federal Suit over Free Speech Rights
04-19-12Obama Administration Sides with Union Bosses Over Workers in Federal Court Case on Backroom Union Deals
04-19-12Another Osceola Hospital Employee Comes Forward, Hits SEIU with Federal Charge
04-17-12Appeals Court Issues Injunction Against Biased NLRB Notice Posting Regulation
04-17-12Auto Parts Worker Wins Settlement after Union Threatened to have him Fired
04-06-12Cleaning Service Union Sweeps Workers’ Rights Under the Rug
04-02-12Indiana Workers Ask to File Amicus Brief Defending Hoosier Right to Work Law
04-02-12Judge Reaffirms Legal Basis for Government Union Reforms While Striking down Part of Wisconsin’s Act 10
04-02-12IUOE Union Bosses Face Federal Charges for Nixing Union Financial Disclosure
03-26-12Right to Work Foundation Attorneys File Motion to Intervene in Circuit Court to Challenge Obama’s ‘Recess’ NLRB Appointments
03-23-12Hospital Union Officials Face Federal Charges for Disclosure Malpractice
03-20-12Employee from Non-Profit Public Defense Firm Defends Her Rights from SEIU Union Hierarchy
03-09-12Union Officials Challenging Indiana Right to Work Law Forced to Settle Union Dues Case
03-08-12SEIU Hit with Federal Charge for Sweeping Hospital Housekeeper’s Rights Under the Rug
03-08-12Alaska State Troopers Seek to Handcuff Government Union Forced-Dues Scheme
03-06-12Public Employee Union Faces Federal Lawsuit for Illegal Forced Dues Scheme
03-06-12Wisconsin Civil Servant Files Brief in Defense of Governor Walker’s Public Sector Union Reform Bill
03-02-12Workers File Brief Opposing Union Boss Challenge to Indiana Right to Work Law
03-02-12Federal Court Rubberstamps Obama NLRB Rule to Push More Workers into Union Ranks
03-01-12Worker Rights Advocate Announces Addition of Former NLRB Member to Legal Staff
02-29-12Worker Wins NLRB Settlement after Enduring Harassment by Union Officials
02-28-12Employee Files Federal Lawsuit against CWA Union Officials and Verizon for Ignoring Her Rights
02-13-12SEIU and Hospital Officials Hit With Federal Charges for Rigging Union Card Check 'Vote'
02-13-12AFSCME Union Bosses Hit With Federal Charges for Illegally Ordering Hospital Employee Fired
02-02-12Worker Advocate Launches Legal Task Force to Protect Indiana Right to Work Freedom
01-30-12Right to Work Foundation Attorneys Move to Disqualify Controversial Recess Appointees from Six Cases
01-30-12Right to Work Foundation Announces New Addition to Legal Team
01-24-12Hotel Officials, Union Bosses Hit With Multiple Federal Labor Board Charges for Abusive Organizing Tactics
01-19-12Minnesota Child Care Providers File Federal Lawsuit Challenging Forced Unionization Scheme
01-19-12Appeals Court OKs Worker’s Legal Challenge to Backroom Deal between Union, Casino
01-19-12SEIU Officials Face Unfair Labor Practice Charges for Refusing to Allow Worker to Resign from Union
01-18-12LA Times Printing Press Workers Slap Teamster Union Bosses with Federal Charges
01-18-12Michigan Childcare Providers File Federal Appeal Seeking Refunds for Providers Forcefully Unionized
01-13-12Worker Advocate Challenges Constitutionality of Obama's Controversial Labor Board Recess Appointments
01-10-12Supreme Court Reviews SEIU Political Fundraising Scheme
01-09-12Civil Servants File Brief Opposing Union Challenge to Public-Sector Unionism Reforms
01-04-12Worker Rights Advocate Blasts Obama's Unprecedented Recess Appointments to the NLRB

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