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12-16-04Federal Labor Board to Prosecute Local Union for Unlawful Threats to Have Dissenting Worker Fired
12-16-04National Teacher Rights Advocate Seeks to Overturn Michigan’s Imposition of Forced Unionism on Catholic Schools
12-15-04Cleveland CWA Union Hit with Federal Charges for Illegal Fine Against Non-Striking Worker
12-08-04Union Officials Again Slammed with Federal Charges by KDTV Workers for Illegal Seizure of Forced Union Dues for Politics
12-06-04Federal Labor Board to Prosecute Local Union for Forcing Workers to Subsidize Union Political Activities
12-06-04NLRB Issues Formal Complaint Against USWA Union and Goodyear for Corralling Workers into Unwanted Union
12-02-04Anchorage School Bus Drivers Vote Out Unwanted Teamsters Union
11-30-04National Right to Work Foundation Announces Addition of New Attorney to Expert Legal Staff
11-22-04Teamsters Union Hit with Class-Action Federal Charges for Corralling UPS Workers into Unwanted Union
11-16-04“ACT” 527 Found to be Shredding Documents Just As FEC Receives Formal Complaint About its Union Funding
11-10-04SEIU International Union Hit with FEC Complaint for Laundering of Dues Money into 2004 Campaigns
11-01-04Federal Labor Board Orders New Employee Election Over Throwing Out Teamsters Union
11-01-04Labor Board to Prosecute United Farm Workers Union for Violating Employee Rights Statewide
10-22-04Union Hit with Federal Charges for Forcing Kennedy Space Center Worker to Subsidize Union Politics
10-19-04Union Hit with Federal Charges for Unlawfully Ordering Company to Fire Worker Who Refused to Join the Union
10-06-04Teamsters Union Faces New Federal Charges for Violating Anheuser Busch Workers’ Rights
10-06-04Federal Labor Board Issues Formal Complaint Against Freightliner for Coercion of Nonunion Employees
09-27-04Feds to Prosecute Multi-Billion-Dollar Venture Capital Firm for Forcing Acquired Companies to Unionize
09-22-04Federal Labor Board to Prosecute Sheraton Four Points Hotel and Union for Collusion
09-13-04Schwebel Baking Company Hit with Federal Charges for Unlawfully Firing Worker for Refusal to Join a Union
09-13-04National Worker Rights Advocate Files Arguments Against Discriminatory Union-Only Contracting in $300 Million Deal
09-08-04Federal Labor Board to Prosecute Collusive Union Organizing Schemes
09-07-04Big Labor's foe: secret elections?
08-30-04Looking for hot issues as you prepare your Labor Day coverage?
08-20-04Investigation Sought Into Apparent Collusion of Boston-Based Federal Labor Bureaucrats and Union Officials
08-11-04National Worker Rights Advocate Opposes AFL-CIO Attempt to Block New Union Financial Disclosure Rules
08-04-04National Worker Rights Advocate Formally Enters NJ Supreme Court Battle to Protect Workers from Union Abuse
08-04-04Goodyear Workers File Formal Petition to Throw Out Unwanted Steelworkers Union
07-28-04Hundreds of Albuquerque City Workers May Be Entitled to Unprecedented Punitive Damages for Illegal Union Dues Seizures
07-27-04Goodyear and Steelworkers Hit with Federal Charges for Coercing Workers to Accept Unwanted Union
07-27-04United Farm Workers Union to Pay Workers Over $105,000 After Ordering Illegal Mass Firings
07-20-04John Kerry and John Edwards Formally Join Legal Battle To Deny Employees Secret Ballot Elections on Unionization
07-19-04Firefighters Hit Union and Top City Officials with Federal Charges for Violating Constitutional Rights
07-16-04Former NLRB Members, Congress, Big Three Join Battle Over Pacts that Deny Employees Secret Ballot Elections on Unionization
07-15-04National Labor Board Strikes Blow for Academic Freedom by Disallowing the Forced Unionization of Grad Students
07-13-04National Worker Rights Advocate Joins Legal Battle in Defense of Tyson Foods Replacement Workers
07-12-04Ohio EPA Found Guilty of Religious Discrimination for Enforcing Union Demands
07-02-04Court Cites Union Lawyers’ Misconduct, Allows Hundreds of City Workers to Challenge Funding of Union Political Activities
06-30-04Federal Labor Board Action Jeopardizes UAW Union Status at Thomas Built Bus Facility
06-29-04DSU Workers Hit Statewide Union, Top University Executives with Federal Charges for Unlawful Collection of Forced Union Dues
06-10-04Federal Labor Board Opens Second Inquiry Into Controversial “Card Check” Union Organizing Drives
06-08-04Federal Labor Board to Reconsider Validity of Union Organizing Through Controversial “Card Check” Method
06-01-04Thomas Built Workers File Petition to Throw Out Unwanted UAW Union
05-26-04Union to Pay $12,000 After Unlawfully Forcing Firing of Ft. Rucker Worker for Refusal to Pay Dues
05-10-04Recalcitrant UAW Union Again Slammed with Federal Charges by Intier Factory Employees
04-26-04CNA Union and Tenet Healthcare Face Federal Charges for Attempt to Impose Union on Nurses
04-22-04Employee Victims of Top-Down Organizing and NLRB’s General Counsel Should Have Been Called to Testify before House Subcommittee
04-20-04SUNY Teaching Assistant Challenges Union’s Statewide Collection of Compulsory Union Dues
04-15-04Union Waffles, But Continues Retaliation Against Non-Striking Grocery Workers With Unlawful Strike Fines
04-14-04Thomas Built and UAW Hit With Federal Charges for Collusion in Coercing Workers to Accept Union
04-06-04UAW’s National Agreement With “Big Three” Challenged for Illegally Requiring Suppliers to Help Unionize Employees
04-06-04Security Guards Hit Officers Union with Lawsuit for Violations of State’s Right to Work Law
04-02-04Court Rules Over 2,800 Engineers May Reclaim Illegally Seized Union Dues Used for Ballot Initiatives and Politics
03-30-04900 Youngstown Hospital Employees Eligible to Reclaim Up to $360,000 in Illegally Seized Dues
03-26-04Good Samaritan Hospital Employee Hits Union with Class-Action Federal Charges for Illegal Threats
03-26-04Goshen Cequent Workers Seek Election to Throw Out Unwanted Steelworkers Union
03-23-04United Farm Workers Union Faces Allegations of Severe Employee Rights Violations
03-18-04Cintas Employee Files Federal Labor Charges Against UNITE Union Hierarchy for Harassment Campaign
03-17-04Alpena Union Drops Forced-Dues Demands Rather than Bother with Financial Audit
03-08-04Teamsters Union Must Halt Employee Rights Violations at Jeffboat Company
03-04-04Teamsters Union Faces Federal Prosecution for Violating the Rights of Anheuser Busch Workers
02-27-04Feds to Prosecute Western Pennsylvania Teamsters Union for Violating Employee Rights
02-26-04National Employee Rights Advocate Calls on Federal Government to Require Re-Bid on Sound Transit Project
02-19-04National Civil Rights Group: Today’s AFL-CIO Endorsement a Slap in the Face to Dissenting Employees
02-13-04Federal Labor Judge Orders Teamsters Local 377 to Cease Employee Rights Violations
02-02-04Yale-New Haven Hospital Union Forced to Drop Retaliation Against Workers, Void Membership Resignation Restrictions
01-29-04Los Angeles Home Care Providers to Receive Up to $10,000,000 Rebate of Illegally Seized Union Dues
01-27-04Dana Corp. and UAW Face New Federal Charges for Imposing Union Illegally on Dissenting Employees
01-22-04Right to Work Advocates Available for Comment on Union Issues at CPAC Conference
01-20-04Ninth Circuit Overturns Ruling Which Approved Union Firing of Alaska Airlines Mechanic for Refusal to Pay Dues
01-13-04Court Gives Go Ahead to Workers’ Suit Against Heartland and Steelworkers’ Pact Imposing Union at Automotive Suppliers
01-12-04Dana Corp. Workers Petition to Throw Out Unwanted UAW Union
01-02-04U.S. District Court Enjoins Bush Administration’s New Union Financial Disclosure Requirements

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