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12-20-02Statement of National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation Regarding DOL announcement that it will seek to improve union discl
12-16-02Settlement Requires Refund of an Estimated $5,000,000 in Illegally Seized Union Dues From LA Home Care Workers
12-16-02Worker Slaps Machinist Union With Federal Charges For Assessing Illegal Retaliatory Fine
12-13-02Van Heusen Employee Hits Teamsters Union with Unfair Labor Practice Charges
12-10-02Statement Of National Right To Work Foundation Regarding Court Ruling Upholding Utah’s Voluntary Contributions Act
12-03-02Worker Rights Advocate Comments on Resignation of AFL-CIO President From Scandal-Plagued ULLICO Board
11-25-02Legal Action Forces Statewide Teacher Union to Stop Harassing Religious Teacher
11-19-02Port Workers Seek Injunction to Halt Agreement That Non-union Employees Lose Their Jobs
11-12-02Persuaded By Bush Solicitor, Supreme Court Will Not Review Union Dues Ruling By Clinton NLRB
10-31-02Carpenters Union President Pressured to Return Money Gained From Insider Stock Deal
10-28-02Service Employees Union Again Smacked With Charges For Abusing Workers’ Rights
10-22-02Nation’s Largest Teacher Union Must Halt Annual Interrogation of Religious Teachers
10-22-02Union Endorsements of Jeb Bush’s Opponent Further Show White House Appeasement of Union Officials Has Backfired
10-17-02Union’s Pro-Abortion Stance Prompts Worker To Divert Dues To Charity
10-08-02While Presidential Action Could Reopen West Coast Ports, Federal Labor Policy is to Blame for Crisis
10-07-02Laboring against us: Union power grab hurts national security
10-02-02Shutdown of West Coast Ports Shows America’s Economy Is Held Hostage By Forced Unionism
09-30-02Special Bulletin for Private-sector Workers Subjected to "Top-down" Organizing
09-27-02National Right to Work Spokesman to Appear Monday Afternoon on MSNBC-TV
09-26-02Court Upholds Worker’s Suit Against Union Hierarchy For Vicious Strike-related Beating
09-25-02Right to Work leader to speak on Education Reform at Cato Instutute Forum
09-24-02Raytheon Employees Hits Union with Unfair Labor Practice Charges
09-19-02Teamsters Union Charged with Using Corrupt Audit Firm in Disclosing Political Expenditures
09-05-02Raytheon Workers File For Deauthorization Election To Eliminate Compulsory Union Dues
09-04-02Union Forced to Return $672,000 in Dues Illegally Seized From Delta Airlines Pilots
09-03-02Hawaii Teacher Union Hit with Suit for Violating Professors’ Civil Rights
08-30-02Employee Rights Advocate Comments on AFL-CIO's New Poll
08-29-02San Diego Public Employee Union Hit with Discrimination Suit
08-22-02Statement of Stefan Gleason
08-19-02Appellate Court Rules Public Employers Have Duty to Protect Workers From Union Abuse
08-15-02Steelworker Hits Union with Unfair Labor Practice Charges
08-13-02Union Pension Plan Insiders Face Federal Charges For Cheating Union Workers
08-08-02Graduate Student Hits Michigan State University With Complaint for Violating Privacy Rights
08-07-02Legal Action Forces Local Union to Respect Teacher’s Religious Freedom
08-02-02Court Upholds Teachers’ Right to Know How Union Spends Confiscated Dues
07-30-02Statewide Union Must Allow Refund of $87,000 in Dues Illegally Seized From Teachers
07-25-02Government Demands That Teamsters Union Return Dues Illegally Seized From Workers
07-25-02Settlement Punishes Union for Misleading Workers and Illegally Seizing Dues for Politics
07-17-02Union Forced to Refund Illegally Seized Dues
07-15-02Bush Ban on Discriminatory Union-Only Contracting Upheld by Appellate Court
06-27-02Union Faces Unfair Labor Practice Suit After Illegally Firing Worker
06-25-02Spaulding Composites Employees Hit Union with Unfair Labor Practice Charges
06-24-02San Diego Public Employee Union Faces Unfair Labor Practice Prosecution
06-18-02Unions Appeal Right to Work Ruling
06-10-02Statewide Teacher Union Found Guilty of Religious Discrimination
06-06-02U.S. District Court Upholds Oklahoma’s New Right to Work Law
06-06-02Foundation Vice President to Appear on the O'Reilly Factor
06-05-02Alaska Teamsters Union Prosecuted For Threatening Workers and Seizing Dues For Politics
06-04-02Union Prosecuted For Threatening to “Kill” Workers if They Oppose the Union
05-30-02Ravenna City Schools Employee Hits Union with Religious Discrimination Charges
05-20-02Nation’s Largest Teacher Union To Be Prosecuted For Violating Teachers’ Civil Rights
05-17-02Textile Worker Hits Needletrades Union with Unfair Labor Practice Charges
05-14-02Legal Action Forces Teacher Union to Respect Rights of Religious Objector
05-09-02National Group Joins Ohio Supreme Court Battle to Ban Discriminatory Union-Only Contracting
05-06-02International Union Hierarchy Sued For Viciously Assaulting Worker
05-03-02Court Will Allow Public Employees to Challenge Constitutionality of Union Monopoly
04-29-02Iowa Workers and Citizens Celebrate 55 Years of Freedom From Forced Unionism
04-23-02Court Orders Engineers Union to Pay Out $300,000 in Illegally Seized Forced Union Dues
04-16-02Workers Sock Teamsters Officials with Unfair Labor Practice Charges
04-15-02NYU Employee Hits Union with Unfair Labor Practice Charges
04-11-02Union Sued for Violating Teacher’s Civil Rights
04-08-02Postal Union Found Guilty of Unfair Labor Practices
04-05-02National Legal Foundation Forces Union to Drop Vindictive Lawsuit Against City of Anderson Employee
04-02-02Workers’ Rights Advocate to Counter Propaganda Spread at Union Rally Today
04-02-02Statement from Stefan Gleason, Vice President of the National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation
03-28-02City of Sacramento Employees File for Restraining Order to Halt Union Firings
03-25-02Ninth Circuit Rules That American Employees Can Be Fired for Not Funding Union Organizing Drives
03-22-02Court Won’t Hear Challenge to State Law Allowing Union Officials to Pass Judgment on Religious Views
03-11-02Strike Against Lockheed Martin Shows Big Labor’s Historical Exploitation of National Crises
03-11-02Court Frees Stanford Nurse from Retaliatory Union Fine for Working During Strike
02-28-02Bush Urged to Appeal Decision Overturning Union Dues Executive Order
02-27-02National Legal Aid Group to Spend $1,000,000 to Help Workers Opposing AFL-CIO Politics
02-25-02Court Allows 3,200 California Engineers to Challenge Union Funding of Ballot Initiatives and Politics
02-25-02Workers Seek Reversal of Government Mandate to Wear Union Propaganda
02-14-02Appellate Panel To Decide If State Can Pass Judgment on Professors’ Religious Views
02-11-02National Right to Work Joins Appeal to Ban Discriminatory Union-Only Contracting
02-07-02Union Must Refund $120,000 in Illegally Seized Union Dues Spent for Political Activities
02-07-02Marsellus Casket Employees Beat Corrupt Union In Unfair Labor Practices Case
01-30-02Judge Allows Employees’ Intervention in Right to Work Case Over AFL-CIO Objections
01-29-02Federal Investigators Ordered to Re-Open Barry Williams’ Case Against Actors Union
01-28-02Big Labor Formally Opposes Workers’ Legal Defense of Oklahoma’s Right to Work Law
01-22-02Unprecedented Union-Only Project Labor Agreement Hit With Lawsuit
01-22-02Oklahoma Workers Join Court Battle to Defend Right to Work Law
01-15-02U.S. Appellate Court Upholds Right of Indian Reservations to Ban Forced Unionism
01-15-02Federal Government Persuaded to Prosecute Teamsters Local 377 for Employee Rights Violations
01-07-02Court Overturns President Bush’s Union Dues Executive Order
01-04-02California Faculty Association Found Guilty of Religious Discrimination
01-03-02National Employee Rights Group Announces Legal Action Against Costly Project Labor Agreement

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