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12-17-01Home Care Workers File Class-Action Lawsuit to Overturn AFL-CIO’s Largest Organizing Victory
12-03-01Employee Freedom Advocate Available to Comment on Hypocrisy of AFL-CIO Leadership
11-16-01National Right to Work Foundation to Defend Oklahoma’s Right to Work Law
11-08-01Federal Court Strikes Down Bush Executive Order Banning Union-only Contracts
11-07-01National Right to Work Foundation Adds New Attorney to Experienced Legal Team
11-05-01Federal Settlement Voids UAW Membership Cards at Brighton Factory
10-30-01Lockheed Martin Employee Files Civil Rights Lawsuit Against Machinists Union
10-16-01National Right to Work Foundation Adds New Attorney to Expert Legal Team
10-03-01LAX Airport Janitors Win Settlement Against Abusive Union
10-02-01Ohio Appellate Court Upholds State Ban on Discriminatory Union-only Contracts
09-26-01Oklahoma Becomes Nation’s 22nd Right to Work State
09-25-01CVS Pharmacy Employee Files Federal Charges Against Abusive Union
09-04-01NLRB Rules that Non-union Employees can be Forced to Wear Union Propaganda
08-31-01C-SPAN Labor Day Program to Feature National Right to Work Foundation
08-22-01Brighton Factory Employees Hit UAW Union with Federal Charges
08-13-01Single Mother Files Suit After Union Had Her Fired on Mother's Day
08-08-01Diehl Employee Files Federal Charges Against Teamsters Union for Harassment
08-06-01Employees Force Prosecution of Communications Union and Verizon
08-02-01Marsellus Casket Employees Hit Union with Federal Charges
07-31-01National Right to Work Foundation Adds Another Civil Rights Attorney to Expert Legal Team
07-18-01Sheraton Grand Sacramento Employee Slaps Union with Federal Charges
07-12-01Union Violence Victims Win Settlement In Suit Against UAW Union
07-03-01National Right to Work Foundation Announces New Legal Director
06-28-01150 Fired Berry Pickers Sue United Farm Workers Union
06-28-01State Employees Countersue to Defend Utah's Voluntary Contributions Act Against Union Attack
06-28-01Stanford Hospital Nurse Hits Union with Federal Charges
06-28-01Worker Rights Advocate Files Response to Big Labor's Lawsuit Against Bush Administration
06-27-01Health Center Employees Hit Teamsters Union with Federal Charges
06-25-01Former "Brady Bunch" Star Files Federal Charges Against National Actors Union
06-11-01Culligan Worker Sues Teamsters Union for Threatening to Have Him Fired
06-05-01Unions Oppose Employees’ Right to Know, File Federal Suit Against Bush Executive Order
05-31-01Bang Printing Employees Reject Forced Union Dues
05-30-0171,000 Communications Workers Are Notified They May Reclaim Millions in Illegally Seized Union Dues
05-17-01Appellate Court Rules that Employees Cannot be Fired for Refusing to Fund Union Organizing Drives
05-17-01Maryland Worker Hits Union with Federal Charges
05-14-01Toilet Seat Makers Nail Carpenters Union with Federal Charges
05-08-01State Employees Win $3 Million Judgment Against Powerful California Union
04-30-01Big Labor Uses Workers' Forced Union Dues to Fund 100 Days of Bush Bashing
04-30-01U.S. Supreme Court Halts Union’s Attempt to Gut Virginia’s Right to Work Law
04-26-01Union Retaliates Against Cosco Employees, Threatens Firings
04-24-01Cement Factory Worker Hits Teamsters Union with Federal Charges
04-18-01Bush's Union Dues Executive Order Takes Effect Today
04-17-01California Government Employees Win $350,000 Settlement From Abusive Union
04-12-01Union Violence Victim Wins Settlement Against Teamsters Union
03-19-01Teachers Hit WEA Union with Statewide Class-Action Suit to Reclaim $200,000 in Dues Seized for Politics
03-09-01Teamsters Union to be Prosecuted for Violating Employees' Rights
03-05-01Lockheed Martin Employee Socks Union with Federal Charges
02-16-01Employee Rights Advocate Says Union Dues Executive Order Is "Only a Small, Symbolic First Step"
02-12-01Deferiet Paper Employee Hits Union with Federal Charges
01-30-01McCain-Feingold Deliberately Guts Employees' Right Not to Fund Union Electioneering
01-09-01Bakersfield Teachers Hit State’s Teacher Union with Civil Rights Lawsuit

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