Worker to Congress: Union Goons Lied to Get Me to Sign Card 

Today's sham hearings for the Card Check Forced Unionism Bill looked more like a union brass press conference as civility was repeatedly thrown aside as scores of rowdy union partisans applauded every time a Senator toed the union boss line (and snickered when anyone dared to dissent from that line).

Testimony before the Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions was virtually monopolized by union partisans. But Larry Getts, a Dana Coproration employee in Fort Wayne, Indiana, offered a first-hand account of the kind of pressure and intimidation by union goons:

In fact, one day, an official approached me again claiming fifty percent of the plant had signed -- so now I was going to have to sign the card to “get my information in the system.”

I signed the card then because I thought I had to.

I didn’t learn until later that even then, I should not have been forced to sign the card.

Read Getts' full testimony here (PDF).

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