Union Car Czar Poised to Dictate America's Manufacturing Policy 

Regular Freedom@Work readers may remember Ron Bloom, a former Steelworker union operative charged with running the American auto industry from Washington. Now that car manufacturers are doing so "well," Bloom is about to get a promotion:

The Obama Administration may elevate Ron Bloom, head of the government's auto task force, to a job that would set U.S. manufacturing policy more broadly, people familiar with the matter said.

Bloom's responsibilities at the new position? They're extensive, to say the least:

As the chief policy maker on manufacturing, Bloom would be charged with reviewing U.S. competitiveness in the global economy. His job would likely encompass trade, taxes and other economic issues . . .

Just what American industry needs: another "czar" whose relevant work experience involves running struggling companies into the ground and exploiting their workers. We're sure industry leaders across the country are thrilled at the prospect of taking orders from a union czar. 

The result of this personnel move seems likely to be more forced unionism, less American competitiveness, more job losses, and ultimately more bankruptcies and taxpayer-funded bailouts of corruptly run union pension plans.  


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