Foundation Pushes NLRB to Make Its Shadowy “Card Check" Database Public 

Responding to a request from the National Right to Work Foundation, the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) has finally made its so-called "voluntary recognition” database available to the public by posting it online.

So-called “voluntary recognitions” occur when union bosses and leveraged employers agree to bargain without the affected employees ever having chosen the union through an NLRB-supervised secret-ballot election. Such recognitions are the ultimate goal of most vicious, multi-pronged pressure campaigns waged by union forces against targeted employers.

As result of the Foundation's Dana/Metalydyne victory, employees may now obtain a traditional decertification election immediately after finding themselves pressured into union ranks through "card check" or other means.

However, in order to obtain the ability to block employees from freeing themselves from union monopoly bargaining once 45 days have elapsed, union officials must now report the occurance of a voluntary recognition in the first place. This “VR Database” is now available on-line and allows the public to see the over 380 so-called “voluntary recognitions” recorded in the past year.

As of September 9, interested persons may access the database by going to the NLRB website and clicking on “ Frequently Requested Documents” under the “What’s New” column. The database can be found by scrolling down to “Dana Corp. and Metaldyne Briefs and Documents” and clicking on “Post Dana Corp. Case Processing” or by going here.

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