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12-23-05Employee Advocate Urges Attorney General Spitzer Not to Allow Amnesty to TWU Union Officials for Illegal Strike
12-22-05Gallo Wine Employee Asks California Supreme Court to Allow Counting of Employee Ballots on Farm Workers Union
12-21-05Union Officials Face Federal Charges for Firing Local Workers Who Continued to Work During Strike
12-20-05NYC Union Officials’ Scofflaw Actions Could Cause the Firing of 30,000 Striking Transit Workers
12-08-05Worker Rights Advocate: “International Human Rights Day” a Smokescreen for More Coercive Union Organizing
12-07-05Federal Government to Prosecute Teamsters Union Affiliate for Illegally Threatening to Have Amerigas Employees Fired
12-06-05Monroe County Probation Officers Hit Unions with Federal Suit for Violating their Constitutional Rights
12-06-05Federal Appellate Court Strikes Down Milwaukee County Ordinance Imposing Coercive Union Organizing
11-17-05Nurse Slaps Union with Federal Charges for Threatening to Have Her Fired for Resisting Formal Union Membership
11-16-05Saks Fifth Avenue Employee Hits Retail Union with Federal Charges for Threatening to Have Union Dissenters Fired
11-11-05Federal Judge Blocks Union Dues Seizures From Nonunion Cincinnati Firefighters
11-07-05Kaiser Permanente and SEIU Union Hit with Federal Charges for Forcing Unwanted Union on Employees
11-04-05Statement on Decision of Federal Court to Not Issue a Preliminary Injunction While it Considers First Amendment Lawsuit
11-03-05Federal Judge Blocks Unlawful Union Dues Seizures From State Government Employees
11-03-05MEDIA ADVISORY:<br />Federal Court Considers Statewide Preliminary Injunction to Block Union Officials from Spending Forced Dues
11-01-05Government Employees Sue CSEA Union Seeking Same Right to Reclaim Forced Dues Won by Teacher Union Nonmembers
10-25-05Cash-Strapped CTA Union Rejects $250,000 Offer to Pay Costs of Notifying All Members of Basic Rights
10-20-05Teachers Secure $250,000 in Funding for Statewide Mailing and Demand that CTA Union Notify Members of Rights
10-17-05National Legal Foundation and State Senator McClintock Launch Statewide Radio Ad to Expose Misuse of Compulsory Union Dues
10-07-05Federal Government to Prosecute Teamsters Union for Illegally Fining Workers After Grocery Strike
10-06-05Senator Tom McClintock to Partner with Right to Work Foundation in Statewide Public Information Campaign to Inform Teachers of T
10-05-05Court Will Not Immediately Block Use of Forced Union Dues on Anti-Schwarzenegger Electioneering While Lawsuit Proceeds
09-28-05Educators Ask Court for Restraining Order Against Forced Union Dues Spent For Anti-Schwarzenegger Campaign
09-27-05MEDIA ADVISORY:<BR />California Educators to Seek Restraining Order Against Forced Union Dues Spent For Anti-Schwarzenegger Camp
09-22-05Golden State Educators File Civil Rights Lawsuit Against Unions to Block Funds for Anti-Schwarzenegger Electioneering
09-21-05BellSouth and CWA Union Again Hit with Federal Charges for Forcing Non-union Workers to Wear Union Propaganda
09-21-05MEDIA ADVISORY:<br />Golden State Educators To Announce Class-Action Civil Rights Lawsuit Against Unions for Forcing Them to Fun
09-19-05Workers File Racketeering Lawsuit Against Union and Phone Book Company for Corrupt Payment Scheme
09-01-05Right to Work Foundation Sparks Unprecedented DOJ Suit Against State of Ohio for Religious Discrimination Against Public Employe
08-31-05Right to Work Experts Available to Comment on Union Issues Around Labor Day
08-18-05Michigan Appellate Court Reverses Labor Commission’s Precedent-Setting Ruling Allowing Forced Unionization of Religious Schools
08-17-05TSA Bureaucrats Reverse Bush Administration Policy On National Security Implications Of Airport Screener Unionization
08-12-05UAW Union and Freightliner Hastily Sign Settlement Agreement After Announced Prosecution for Blocking Workers’ Wage Increase
08-12-05Federal Labor Board Urged Not to Jeopardize National Security by Imposing Unionization on Airport Screeners
08-10-05Federal Labor Board to Prosecute United Auto Workers Union for Blocking Freightliner Workers’ Wage Increase
08-05-05Albuquerque City Workers Win $146,000 Settlement After Unlawful Seizures of Forced Union Fees
08-01-05Appellate Court Upholds Teacher’s Suit Challenging Union Dues Spent on Politics
07-26-05Employee Rights Advocate to Spend $2 Million This Year to Help Workers Out of Compulsory Unionism
07-25-05Worker Rights Advocate Comments on SEIU Union Departure from AFL-CIO Labor Conglomerate
07-21-05Grocery Union Hit with Federal Charges for Violating Safeway Workers’ Right Not to Subsidize Union Politics
07-19-05Thomas Built Buses Workers Appeal Preliminary Ruling Barring Them from Objecting to Election Misconduct
07-07-05Goshen Cequent Workers Seek New Election to Rid Workplace of Forced Union Dues
07-06-05Thomas Built Buses Workers Challenge Tainted Union Election Result, Worker Advocate Files Motion to Intervene
06-29-05Clothing Union Hit With Federal Charges for Repeatedly Abusing Local Joseph A. Bank Workers’ Rights
06-27-05Chukchansi Gold Casino Hit With Federal Charges for Stifling Free Speech of Union Dissenters
06-21-05Employee Rights Advocate Applauds Increased Enforcement of Bush’s Union Dues Executive Order
06-16-05Maine State Employees Hit Union and Top State Officials with Federal Charges for Violating Constitutional Rights
06-01-05Federal Appeals Court Upholds Authority of Secretary of Labor to Strengthen Union Financial Disclosure Laws
05-19-05UFCW Union Local Faces Federal Prosecution For Denying Rights of Caregivers to Mentally Disabled
05-17-05Teamsters Union Officials Face New Round of Charges for Stonewalling Anheuser Busch Workers
05-05-05Appellate Court Accepts Workers’ Rights Group into Battle to Release Milwaukee Human Services Workers from Coercive Union Organi
04-26-05National Worker Advocate Joins Appellate Court Battle to Release Milwaukee Human Services Workers From Coercive Union Organizing
04-22-05Local Union Forced to Retract Its Unlawful Retaliatory Fine Demands Against Mount Clemens Nurses
04-15-05Statement of National Right to Work Foundation on Preliminary Upholding of UAW Union “Neutrality Agreement” with Dana Corp.
04-13-05Majority Leader DeLay’s Accusers Ignored Federal “Conflict of Interest” Disclosure Rules
04-01-05Hotel Union Forced Out of Sheraton Four Points after Federal Labor Board Prosecutes Organizing Misconduct
03-31-05Federal Court Holds San Diego City Government Union Violated Employees’ Constitutional Rights
03-31-05Anchorage School Bus Drivers Again Vote Out Unwanted Teamsters Union
03-31-05Seattle-Area Hospital Employees Hit SEIU Union with Federal Class-Action Charges in Wake of Threats
03-30-05Los Angeles Home Care Providers to Receive Nearly $8 Million in Rebates of Illegally Seized Union Dues
03-30-05UPS Workers Force Teamsters Union Local to Refund Dues Unlawfully Seized From Their Paychecks
03-29-05Firefighters Win $45,000 Settlement for Violations of their Constitutional Rights by Union and Top City Officials
03-15-0524-Hour Security Detail Hired to Protect Thomas Built Bus Worker’s Family Against UAW Union Reprisals
03-10-05Thomas Built Workers Win New Settlement Forcing UAW Union and Freightliner to Cancel Unlawful Sweetheart Deal
03-02-05National Employee Advocate Files Emergency Arguments to Halt Union Attack on California Public Servants’ Rights
02-28-05National Workers’ Rights Group Joins Legal Battle to Block Imposition of Forced Unionism in Right to Work Arizona
02-25-05UAW Union Forced to Abandon 1,100-Worker Thomas Built Bus Facility After Illegally Corralling Workers into Union
02-22-05Recalcitrant Teamsters Union Faces New Federal Charges for Abuse of Anheuser Busch Workers
02-15-05Connecticut CWA Union Forced to Cease Unlawful Retaliation Against Nonunion Worker
02-01-05Unwanted UAW Union Ousted at St. Gobain Abrasives
01-26-05Qwest Communications and CWA Union Drop Bid to Corral 1,000 Workers Nationwide into Unwanted Union Affiliation
01-26-05Federal Labor Board to Prosecute Local Union for Unlawful Retaliation Against Nonunion Workers
01-26-05California Labor Board Orders San Diego Government Union Officials to Stop Discrimination Against Non-Union Employees
01-19-05Columbus Teamsters Union Hit with Federal Charges for Unlawful Negotiations
01-06-05National Workers’ Rights Advocate Joins Legal Battle to Block Imposition of Forced Unionism in Right to Work Alabama
01-05-05Federal Labor Board to Prosecute Ohio Union and Schwebel Baking for Unlawful Firing of Union-Dissenting Worker
01-05-05Federal Appeals Court Overturns Mandate that Non-union Workers Can Be Fired for Refusal to Wear Union Propaganda
01-05-05Steelworkers Union Forced to Leave Asheboro Goodyear Facility After Corralling Workers into Unwanted Unionization

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